"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

5 October

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Next auction starting as the first one getting close to winding up —- bid now!


2 October

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The first auction has started!!! Celebrate Ben’s birthday, help cancer research and indulge your shipper’s heart!

30 September

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The Birthday Fundraiser has started ! Any amount to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand which funds pediatric cancer research and celebrate Ben’s 53 rd birthday! Auctions will start this weekend so stay tuned! Donate NOW !!  $198.00 so far and our goal is $1530.00 

18 September

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No news in this post just a small rant on an aspect of fandom that has always confounded me. I understand wanting an actor (I am referring to not just Ben but others as well) to be the character that first brought he or she to your attention. I do. I understand wanting to “protect” a favorite from haters. I do. I do not understand thinking the person incapable of functioning without “your” guidance and insight. Acting is a hard profession with often less than 5% actually acting at any given time in the US (likely similar in other countries).  Actors choose or decline work for many reasons whether they be personal or professional. I understand why Ben chose to go for the Dr. Who role over the Arrow role he was in contention for. I get why Essie Davis followed her husband to the U.K. while he works on a major international film. I get why Richard Dean Anderson left SG1 to be with his daughter for the brief years of childhood. Most of us make hard decisions without the scrutiny of strangers on social media.  So it is fine to be disappointed to not be seeing an actor weekly in your home but really to act as if it is a choice to ignore fans or made because they have no idea how to manage their career is just silly. If an actor reaches their 40s or 50s they have learned much about the business side of their profession or they wouldn’t still be acting. Actors have to get a bit of a thick skin and many likely avoid checking what is being said about themselves but I imagine sometimes they do read things.

15 September

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A reminder about this year’s fundraiser which will start October 1. The charity is Alex’s Lemonade Stand which supports pediatric cancer research. It has been some years since we have raised funds for them.  They have a 96% rating with Charity Navigator . The page will also allow you to use PayPal and accepts any amount of donation.  There will be several auctions including a special item created by Sprite Lady and signed by Ben.

Bad Kids Go will likely be released in 2016 — details to follow!

As most of you know Ben’s mystery film project is Outlaws and Angels which stars Chad Michael Murray, Luke Wilson, and Francesca Eastwood. It is written and directed by JT Mollner and was filmed on location in New Mexico. As soon as a release date is announced I will pass it on. This Instagram photo was posted by NewMexGiant the prop master for the film.

Myself & #benbrowder on set of #OutlawsAndAngels #Crew #PropMaster

1 September

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Heard from Ben and his new project required a “NDA” — Non-disclosure Agreement. So we will know when the studio says :)

Flashback to 2009 



25 August

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Time to start talking about Ben’s birthday ! There will be two ways to celebrate this year. The traditional fundraiser which will allow direct donations as well as auctions to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand which funds pediatric cancer research. The second idea I am snurching from another fandom. The idea would be for y’all to send a greeting — and we will create a digital card.  You can start sending these anytime — angie@benbrowder.net . I would suggest including where you are located — these will be like the old school con books. Check out what the Nathan Page fans did with little lead time as they only recently learned his birth date!

Still awaiting distribution news for Where the Bad Kids Go and details of the project Ben is currently filming. He has been there over 2 weeks which sounds promising :)

16 August

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No news on Ben’s project at this point . I am at the SG Con in Chicago where Ben fans abound despite him being unable to attend. Did pick up a bit of news at the Novel writer’s Breakfast yesterday. A new podcast series will be launching this fall and Ben is one of the first interviews. You can sign up now at dialhomepodcast.com to receive notification of when they are live.

12 August

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Those planning on attending the Chicago SG con this weekend by now hopefully know Ben will not be there. He let me know Sunday but was still trying to work it out. He is filming a movie —details to follow. we should group together Sunday and do a Hell Yea for him. I told him we would keep the Farscape spirit alive :)

8 July

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Just announced Gatecon has canceled Ben Browder.The entire con will likely be canceled(if this is the case there will be refunds). They announced this on their Facebook page and have not updated their web page.