"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

11 February

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I got a chance to ask Ben a few questions about his Outlaws and Angels Sundance experience and here is what he said :

1) What was the most unexpected thing about the Sundance Film Festival?

    How young everyone was… I suppose I should have expected that, Hollywood being a youth driven industry, and realizing that as folks age they seem to recede into the background like background radiation from the big bang. Sundance is a great big celebration of Indie film, in which “celebrate” could infer party. Its not a party geared toward your 50th wedding anniversary. More a party like “paaaarteh!!!” By 3 AM I’m usually ready for bed, Sundance goes until dawn.


2) The schedule sounds very hectic —- did you get a chance to see any other films?

    Nope. We were busy with Outlaws.


3) You said in an interview you had been afraid to take the role. How much did it challenge your comfort zone and  what was your first reaction when you realized what it would entail?

    I knew what the role would entail when I was fighting to get the part. Fear is not a bad thing. How fear affects you can be good or bad. Pushing the bounds of comfort, or pushing the envelope (to quote The Right Stuff) can be awesome.


4) Many years ago at a Farscape con you mentioned Jeremiah Johnson as a favorite film. Did you have an opportunity to meet Robert Redford?

    Still waiting to meet him.


5) How was it watching your work in a theatre full of people when you are playing a character like George?



6) Your physical transformation was amazing, how much, if any, input did you have on George’s appearance?

     Quite a bit, but certainly not entirely, the transformation required input and guidance from others… George needed to not look like Ben, or anyone who looks like Ben. JT (the director) and I were on the same page about this. Hair. make up, lights, script and direction all contributed.


7) Now that you are a director has it changed anything about your approach on set?

    I would like to think that I’m more respectful of the entire process than before… But who am I to say? I like to be fully involved as I can be. But, I’m not overly objective about my “approach” to anything. Ultimately, my job is to help tell a good story. At certain times, that means shut up and let others get busy while you hold the spear in the background. At other times, it requires that you take the bull by the horns. Hopefully, having directed, I have a clearer sense in which “time” I am operating. 

Outlaws and Angels has it’s U.S. premiere May 25, 2016

28 January

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Well so far one professional review which likens Outlaws and Angels to Tarantino’s style in a negative way. The comments from audience members have been positive. I grew up on the gritty “splatter” westerns of the 60s and 70s and loved them despite their often disturbing imagery. I will also reserve judgement until I see the film myself we have all seen “great” movies that weren’t and “dismal” movies that became a favorite. To be in a film accepted at Sundance is a big deal in many ways. It is also an opportunity to network. Especially when directors and producers see the “real” Ben vs the scruffy, not likable character he plays in this film.  The film will be released May 25th in the US and so I will reserve judgement until I see it myself. I like that Ben took a role like this so his filmography will have such a different Ben Browder than casting agents have seen before! As a fan I understand an actor’s choices may not be what I want to see them in 😉 but I support my favorites!

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! Variety review !!!!



26 January

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Awaiting the first reviews of Outlaws and Angels. Meanwhile a couple of pictures from the premiere!

‘Outlaws & Angels’ Premiere – 2016 Sundance Film Festival


‘Outlaws & Angels’ Premiere – 2016 Sundance Film Festival


‘Outlaws & Angels’ Premiere – 2016 Sundance Film Festival












25 January

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Some promo images from Sundance Film Festival where Ben’ new film Outlaws ad Angels premieres tonight ! the hair is back! I can’t get over how Ben transformed himself into George when I look at these photos!

WireImage Portrait Studio Hosted By Eddie Bauer At Village at the Lift – Day 4
















WireImage Portrait Studio Hosted By Eddie Bauer At Village at the Lift – Day 4
















WireImage Portrait Studio Hosted By Eddie Bauer At Village at the Lift – Day 4

31 December

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As the year ends it is time to look back on 2015 and look ahead to 2016. In December 2014 Ben told of an exciting project he was working on. He was full of boyish enthusiasm over the tech involved! But he could not divulge any info. Fast forward ahead to April in Perth,Australia where he tells us that it is a big video game. Some disappointment for those of us who don’t game! In Adelaide I was sitting next to a young man who said he guessed it was Call of Duty Black Ops III. When I returned home I began an internet search and found a leaked clip with a character who looked like Ben! I was quite excited! Ben also presented at the Saturn Awards where his date was his daughter, who though still at university is breaking into the business like her parents, though on the production side.  Next up I get an email from Ben saying he won’t be at the Chicago con because he is filming a movie and the schedule is tight. He told me where he was so I of course tried to find out what was filming there ( damn non-disclosure agreements!) with some luck but ….then the project is announced and a photo of Ben that startled and dismayed some fans. The film is Outlaws and Angels and will be premiering next month at the prestigious  Sundance Film Festival. Ben also was featured in Bad Kids of Crestview Academy which is also his first foray into directing and he has been doing the post production editing of this project which will be released in 2016 as well. He loved directing and is hoping to do more in the future. 







Ben and daughter

Ben and daughter





12 December

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Final total for fundraiser was $2305 !!! 

I let Ben know and he was glad so much was raised ! 

Ben 2000

Richard Manning on Twitter




11 December

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Happy Birthday Ben!!!  

So far $2185 has been donated to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand which helps fund pediatric cancer. The page will remain open until midnight tonight. I want to think all who have donated —- this is a hard time of year to find extra money! Special thanks to Spritelady for the auction banner and the CaScapers , Sprite, and Paula K for donating auction items. The picture below is from May 2015 (thanks musicalgal!)


2016 promises to be a good year for those of us who are fans —- the Bad Kids sequel , Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, featuring and directed by  Ben as well as Outlaws and Angels, which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.


7 December

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The birthday fundraiser is in the final stretch —- 4 days left! The goal has been met and exceeded but that doesn’t mean don’t donate! Americans don’t forget it is tax deductible 😉 So skip a latte or other treat this week and celebrate Ben’s upcoming birthday AND help raise funds for pediatric cancer research at the same time! Donate!



11 November

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I want to give a head’s up for those following the charity auctions. Tomorrow a very special item created by Spritelady featuring John Crichton and a certain Printheth played by Claudia Black and signed by Ben will go on auction. Fans of John Quixote will adore it! Shippers will covet it!  The auction will go 5 days rather than 3.  Ben signed it with a play on a line from the episode. Yes that one 😉

24 October

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Just want to update on the birthday fundraiser —- we have reached $965 !!!!! There are still more auctions to come including a special item from Spritelady  that all you Printheth fans are going to want 😉 Just sayin’ you might want to save your Pumpkin Spice Latte money !! All of you who have made friends and tell of how Farscape changed your life take the opportunity to join with fellow fans and donate to Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help fight pediatric cancers and celebrate Ben’s upcoming birthday, after all he brought Crichton to life and helped make Farscape what it is !

Personally those of us that have been fortunate enough to see Ben at a con or those who have met him in other settings know he is more than jut another Hollywood pretty face but in the last 15 years that pretty face hasn’t changed that much !


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