"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

24 December

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Merry Christmas!! Happy Hanukkah to those ending their celebration!!  Reminder to US viewers Ben on CSI 12/28!


16 December

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I had a great weekend in Phoenix at the first Fan Fest. It was small but often that is nice. Many vendors and one room for talks. Longtime Scaper PK Patti took some great pictures :

FanFest2014_0147PKGweb FanFest2014_0220PKGweb FanFest2014_0364PKGweb FanFest2014_0358PKGweb FanFest2014_0607PKGweb


I don’t do a lot of con reports as others are usually more eloquent but sometimes I feel the need to comment. I have been seeing Ben onstage since 2000. I am not a starry-eyed fan as I grew up with friends,neighbors and schoolmates involved in the entertainment industry. I go to a variety of con panels for different shows. That said Ben continues to defy my expectations. After his panel he mentioned to a group of us that he feels like he has repeated some of the stories too many times. For many people this is their first time seeing him and hearing a story in person yet for those of us who have heard the story before it is usually told just enough different it is still fresh. To me that is a sign of a good performer. His enthusiasm for Farscape has not diminished and rings true as he answers questions. The way he handles the “taking over/replacing RDA” on SG1 is always great to experience as he allow the audience to know he hates the question all the while charming the fan asking with his answer. As a mom I would have hated to face a child with this ability! As for the Farscape movie there is currently no funding attached. I am uploading video to youtube but there are some great versions up so check them out!

11 December

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Happy Birthday Ben Browder !!!







25 November

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Sorry about the long absence — real life issues including the loss of my mother. Life goes on!

December brings Ben!!

December 11 — Ben turns 52 (unbelievable!!)

December 12-14  Ben appears IN PERSON at Phoenix Fan Days

December 21  Ben appears on C.S.I.(CBS ,9 p.m. ET/PT US viewers)


Bad Kids Go 2 Hell is in the post production stage (possibly) finished by this posting. As soon as distribution info is known I will pass it on. Be sure and play Six Degrees!


29 September

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October 6 viewers in the U.S. will get to see Ben in their living rooms! Syfy channel at 9 P.M. ET. In case you haven’t seen the behind the scenes videos, here is a link. Part three features alot of Ben.

I have had the chance to ask Ben about directing Bad Kids Go 2 Hell and he LOVED IT.  Moviehole did a good interview — some really good questions so check it out if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget to check out the Six Degrees of Ben Browder page — this week celebrating the premiere of Once Upon A Time.


11 September

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A day of remembrance and learning for Americans of all faiths and origins. Many of you may have attended the Farscape convention that weekend and had stayed in the city as Ben, his family, Claudia Black and other cast members did.  It served to put things in perspective for many of us.  My life was my family, my job and my fandom. This website was a less than a year old and a fun hobby.  I was raised that the world doesn’t revolve around me and that I should be aware of said world. Still it was a shock as every attack around the world should be. 

Here is a photo from the NYC Farscape con courtesy of slybella :



25 August

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Update on Ben’s upcoming Syfy Channel horror film Dead Still—if you live near Lexington,KY there will be a special screening :

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: SCAREFEST LEXINGTON, KY SEPTEMBER 12-14th: The Booth Brothers will be showing an exclusive sneak preview of their new horror film DEAD STILL at the speakers conference at ScareFest in Lexington, KY on September 12-14th

The rest of us in the US can see Ben starring along with Ray Wise (everyone’s favorite Devil!) and Gavin Casalegno (Noah)  October 6th on the Syfy Channel.


Meanwhile Ben continues work on Bad Kids Go 2 Hell where he is both acting and directing. Sean Astin and his daughter were late additions to the cast which according to Ben features some great kids.

A favorite picture of mine ( hey it has Sean Astin so sort of on topic!)from Jewel Stait’s Twitter :



18 August

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Rumor has it Ben is enjoying directing ! This picture is making the rounds on Twitter from the set :


7 August

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Those of you that have seen Guardians of the Galaxy may have picked up on some similarity in tone  to Farscape. Several reviewers have mentioned this as well. I think Quill is a bit Crichton-lite. I also think we all know who should play Quinn’s daddy in the sequel :D

Let Marvel know what you think!

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1 July

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Some news — Ben will be directing Bad Kids Go to Hell 2 (also acting!)

bigfanboy.com has an exclusive here