"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

21 April

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The scifi community has been buzzing since Saturday when Farscape creator, Rockne S. O’Bannon, confirmed the rumor of the feature film penned by Justin Monjo .  It is apparently in the early script stage and far from production. Nerdacy.com has a short clip here from Wonder Con. The internet gives us information very quickly sometimes which leads us to a “hurry up and wait” game.  I am trying to confirm whether there is funding etc. In 2010 funding was literally hours away and then didn’t happen so until more is known I will be cautiously optimistic  8-) The Farscape news is trending on Facebook(in the U.S. anyway) so let’s get it trending on Twitter as well! #Farscape #BenBrowder

1 April

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I love the comments on Twitter when someone finds out Ben’s age and is shocked (in a good way!) so here is a Farscape promo photo from 1999 and one from the Stargate Convention in Chicago last summer(courtesy of @virkatjol) :

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On March 20,1999 my Dad called me (unusual as usually my Mom called) and he asked if I watched the new show on the SciFi Channel the night before. I asked the one with the puppets? He said yes—I needed to catch the repeat as it was really good. During the week I did and then watched “I,ET” the next Friday. My husband came home from work and said the puppet show? We then both watched. Didn’t live up to the pilot but the characters and acting as well as the effects were enough we began watching regularly.  One day while the kids were at school and I was off I went to the SciFi Channel’s website. I found that I wasn’t the only one excited by this show. I was involved with the X Files fandom online — a group of us that met on Delphi, a text based internet site. The Farscape fandom was different however as there was harmony. Some factions yes but overall we had a great reluctant hero in John Crichton played by Ben Browder. Crichton was surrounded by amazing characters. It was unlike anything else I had seen both in regards to storytelling and production values.  At the end of the season after one of the episodes it flashed on screen that there was to be a convention on Labor Day weekend in Burbank. I had attended many Creation conventions for Star Trek and X Files. I attended both days taking a friend one and my youngest daughter the next. I have to say it was an amazing experience! The actors, producers,  and writers were so enthusiastic! Apparently they had gone to see the newly released Galaxy Quest to prepare ! At that time many actors who appeared at the cons were embarrassed to be in scifi and to be at a convention. The Farscape actors were different for a couple of reasons—they were working in Australia isolated from their fan base in the U.S., U.K., and Europe as well as the fact that except for Ben Browder they were all Australian.  Being somewhat cynical, knowing they were actors after all I still enjoyed the weekend immensely!  I started looking for information on the actors which was not as easy then as now! There was one Ben Browder site that was already inactive.  I thought I would try and see what I could do. I am a clinical microbiologist so was out of my league. I found a build your own site and got started. Meanwhile  a girl in the U.K. started a great site.  Soon there were two sites , Britngie’s and my little one. A third , benbrowderonline from Germany appeared.  The fandom grew and continues to grow with many more sites,Tumblrs etc. Ben charms fans each time he appears somewhere. This fandom has brought me joy onscreen and off. I have friends around the globe that I would never have met without Farscape. People dismiss online interaction but when your kids are young and go to bed early the internet allows you to hang out with friends across the Atlantic while being able to check on your sleeping kids. And we discuss kids, jobs, politics, books , sports . I have friends the ages of my daughters which actually makes being a parent a bit easier as I know better questions to ask ;) I have shared laughter and tears over things onscreen and off with these people for 15 years. 

I loved the enthusiasm and love those involved with the making of Farscape shared for their work that we fans felt.  The Farscape actors, writers, and producers set a bar that I feel few other shows can meet.  Even though genre acting has become much more acceptable and the take over of San Diego Comic Con by the entertainment industry legitimizing “conventions”  the Farscape family’s love of their project remains a step above the others in a class of it’s own.  I attended all of the “official” west coast Farscape conventions. I admit each time I harbored the fear that this time would be when they were just tired of this — would it be surprising? No,  yet it has not happened 15 years later.

Thank you Farscape for 15 years of fun and tears and WTF moments!

27 February

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While we all await Farscape news, Ben’s upcoming appearance on Arrow, Dead Still here are some more pictures from the Farscape Convention 2001. Photos again courtesy of Bob Tebbe.  Enjoy!!



25 February

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No new information regarding the Farscape script penned by Justin Monjo. While I love the Farscape universe it is more the TV universe I love not the comic world. I also would have an slight interest in John and Aeryn joining an adventure with their son. That said having seen both actors in person in the last couple of years they have NOT aged 19 years. So they would have to include some lame rapid growth explanation IMO. So it becomes a wait and see. We Farscape fans are patient!

Back to our looking back at Farscape at 15! At the 2001 convention there was a writer’s panel featuring David Kemper, Ricky Manning,  Carlton Eastlake, director Andrew Prowse and actor/writer Ben Browder. Photos coutesy of Bob Tebbe.

20 February

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One of my favorite episodes of Farscape is Green Eyed Monster written by Ben. In the world of scifi TV or most any TV drama it was unique because it dealt with the characters and their attraction to each other in a way that used the jealousy element in a fresh way without the teenage drama and histrionics as is often the case. I think the characters and the audience benefited from having an actor that portrayed one of the characters bring the relationship out of the “will they,won’t they” shadow.  At the second Farscape convention in Burbank 2001 one of the highlights for me was the panel dedicated to this episode.  The panel featured Ben, Claudia Black, Lani Tapu, director Tony Tilse, and executive producer David Kemper.  My friend Bob Tebbe captured some great moments which I am going to share — he has no problems with people using them but I am asking you to give credit if you post them!

ENJOY  as we continue to celebrate Farscape at 15 !!!!



17 February

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This week’s look back is at the first Farscape convention, August 2000 in Burbank, CA. I had been to a couple of general scifi and X Files conventions but was unprepared for the cast and producers of this show. Their enthusiasm and pride in the show was amazing and came across as genuine (still does !). At the time many of the actors at cons acted embarrassed to be there. I think many of them have learned to enjoy it or at least fake it. This has never been the case with the Farscape cast especially Ben. I am not just being biased — a friend who I have never completely scaped left that first con upset. She later confessed that she wished X Files’  David Duchovny could act like Ben instead of mocking the fans and the show. Being somewhat cynical I assumed this would change and honestly that is in the back of my mind each con I attend which features Ben as a guest.

10 February

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This year marks 15 years since Farscape debuted and introduced many of us to Ben Browder. I going to be randomly selecting pictures and screencaps in chronological order to bring us up to 2014. First up from the official press packet :


5 February

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Ben has confirmed he filmed another episode of Arrow. It is titled Suicide Squad and will air March 19th in the US — his character , Ted Gaynor, appears in flashbacks. As most of you know Ben had been up for the John Barrowman role when the Dr. Who guest role was offered. The Arrow producers liked him so brought him back as Gaynor. I am glad they found more use for him! I find Arrow hard going personally— I did enjoy the scenes with Barrowman or Paul Blackthorne.  I would like to see Ben on Revolution which has Farscape creator Rockne O’Bannon as an executive producer this season.

28 January

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Not any news to report at this time but fellow Scaper Zsofia has a friend Marousj took some great pictures at Fedcon 2013 so let’s look back at Ben and Claudia Black on stage ! Many thanks to both Zsofia and Marousj !!!