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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

31 March

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As Cannes starts lining up films , let’s look back to 2004 when A Killer Within was shopped there……

I always think this is soooo un-Ben but still love he got his chance to stroll the Boulevard de la Croisette

UPDATE : Possible Naught For Hire news coming?

29 March

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A nice shout out for Ben from a Moviefone.com blog.

25 March—-opinion

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I am anxious to to see the Naught For Hire webseries Ben is a part of(actor,producer) and how it will be distributed. I have been checking out the state of this still fledgling medium. I caught some of the early eps of Santuary before it was picked up and have watched The Guild and Riese. Recently at the SXSW,  a panel on webseries was held which had some interesting  insights.Antipodal Arapaima blog has a fantastic audio link. Riese was an independent production which the SyFy Channel acquired and has put some additional  funding towards. Mercury Men is also being distributed by SyFy.  I enjoy these as they can be viewed any place you can connect to the internet, day or night. The episodes are short and leave you wanting more.  I personally think Naught For Hire lends itself to this format. Two years ago the New York Times Media and Advertising  section did an interesting piece on this area of entertainment sadly it is still the truth. I wonder if advertisers and studio marketing teams are ready?

23 March

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If you haven’t seen Ben in Behind the Camera : The Unauthorized Story of Charlie’s Angels you should check it out. As someone who was in high school/college in that era I enjoyed it. I would have never compared Ben to Lee Majors(and I watched Six Million Dollar Man faithfully!) but he really does a great job. Also a new Six Degrees today.

22 March

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Like many of you waiting for all the Dragon Con 2011  guests to be announced—-revisit Space Gypsy’s Farscape panel with Ben.

19 March new link

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I made the Time if YourLife vid smaller and had a comment that the other link had no sound—my iTouch and my mom’s comp both had it working but in case 🙂

19 March

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Posted the wrong video link! Here is the farewell vid! Big file but worth it!

18 March

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My friend Bob noticed his video on some sites so reposting it here . He made after the cancellation news and it played at the 2002 Farscape Convention in Burbank.

17 March

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Since I am not going to SDCC my vacation plans have changed. My daughters are going to come out here(in May) instead of meeting up in San Diego so I am going to go to the Polaris con in Toronto 15 – 17 July. Ben confirms he is planning to be there. I am looking forward to visiting a city I have heard alot about! Also looking forward to the nice cool weather!

16 March

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Action John will be attending Dragon Con 2011 and is planning a photo op with Amanda Tapping! Still watching the guest list for other choices—so taking suggestions!