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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

13 March

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When you start following an actor the hardest thing is waiting for news of the next project! Acting is a profession where about 5% are working at any given time which always amazes me. Naught for Hire is in production and Freeze Frame 4Vets director Galit McCord is optimistic about filming starting in the next year. I love these projects but really want Ben to have a role in a “mainstream” project so more people will get to see his talent. OK I would settle for a Farscape film 🙂 but would really like him to get the Haymitch role in The Hunger Games trilogy. Alot of good big names are being tossed around by fans including Robert Downey ,Jr. However I am hoping the director/producers go for a lesser known actor.  If the Lee Child novel  One Shot ever gets made I totally think Ben IS Reacher. My hopes are a bit up for that actually as Paramount is producing Naught For Hire and One Shot which may help his name get known by the studio.

9 March

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Work  has been hectic and I completed my 4th Little Rock Marathon Sunday but tonight my rewatch group is watching Fractures.One of Ben’s finest performaces IMO.

1 March

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A  reliable source has confirmed Freeze Frame 4 Vets will be filmed within the next two years. Money is in place and director Galit McCord says the scheduling is being worked out! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!