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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

24 April

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Happy Easter!!

12 April

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Stargate SG1 promo picture. At one of the Farscape conventions Claudia told about this picture—apparently while Ben and Claudia were standing aside waiting for their turn (shoot also included Amanda Tapping,Chris Judge and Michael Shanks) the photographer nocticed their chemistry. It was explained that their characters wouldn’t be posed together—photographer didn’t care!

10 April

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Early Farscape promo shot

7 April

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Just want to remind you all of opportunities to see Ben in person this summer/fall.:

July 15-17 Polaris Toronto

August 19-21 Creation’s SG1 Con Chicago

November  18-20 Creation’s Farscape Con Los Angeles

These are of course subject to change! Big rumors of  Naught For Hire doing something at San Diego Comic Con but still just rumor! Remember to tweet #NaughtFor Hire and #BenBrowder—Twitter can be used to gather info by studios or so fansites are being told :p

6 April

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As most of you are aware Ben is attatched(as producer and star) to a webseries project,  Naught For Hire,  based on the John Stithe novel (available at the astore).Executive producer Jeffrey Berman is asking all Naught(@NaughtForHire and @NaughtPIAgency) tweets be retweeted as well as any you write to show the studio the interest is there. Personally I don’t mind but we need something to tease with besides a cast list! New to Twitter? Remember to put #NaughtForHire and #BenBrowder in each tweet!

5 April

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Reading the announcement adding Rockne O’Bannon reminded me of the first time I heard him talk of a Farscape movie—-San Diego Comic Con 2001.Ten years later our hope  remains strong and the producers and star Ben Browder are still committed.

Also added John Stith’s Naught novel to the aStore—fun read!

4 April

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Good news for Farscape fans—-Rockne O’Bannon has signed on for the November Farscape Convention! Always interesting if you have never had the chance to see him. 

3 April

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Before heading to work I thought I would post something for those of you celebrating Mother’s Day like @Nebarigirl