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31 May

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As fans of Ben Browder I am guessing some of you are genre only fans but most of you open minded and don’t limit your viewing to one type of film or show. The entertainment industry is trying to capitolize on social media. Sometimes this is a disaster as the acquistion of MySpace by Newscorp. I think Facebook pages as meters for popularity iffy at best but studios are trying it. Even if you don’t use FB sign up and just go “Like”  your favorite actor’s pages or film/TV shows.  Freeze Frame 4 Vets  has the potential to be a great film—–a gritty, uncomfortable story that needs to be told. I think it could be a post war Hurt Locker.  Many of you don’t live in the US and probably like many of us who live here oppose the military action in Iraq. The story is about the effects of war on individuals. This is a universal theme. The producers wanted to make this film without accessing a Hollywood studio. They are attempting to show the film has support of  “the people”. Do they understand the Twitterverse? No. Are they trying—yes.  They do understand that alot of people use Facebook. So visit the Freeze Frame movie page and “Like”. There is a comment board as well. Visit the Ben Browder page and “Like” (no comment space at this one).

**This is my opinion**

30 May

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Sadly for  those who have been asking– Ben has no plans to appear at Dragon Con this year.  Check the In Person page for the latest.

30 May

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It is Memorial Day here in the US but everyone should take a minute to remember those who have served their nation. We should also remember their battles don’t end when they return home.

Ben is attatched to a project called Freeze Frame.The director Galit McCord and the producer Jonas McCord are trying to get the film produced outside the studio track.  They are asking us to “Like” the Freeze Frame Facebook page. As I have said before I am not sure of the whole measuring interest in projects using Facebook as most of us visit the page, “Like” it and rarely return.

18 May

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Great clip of the Farscape cancellation on the Australian news–thanks to @bringcrackers,@farscape_one, and @echo_44 ! Watch and remember.

17 May

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Always like rediscovering past Ben interviews! Thanks to Scaper Mark Kielar for posting this on Facebook!

15 May

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Reminders coming out from the folks at  the Naught PI agency webpage to show your interest in Ben’s Naught For Hire project in your tweets,blogs etc.  My feeling is we all will be when there is any actual news! So maybe make an effort to tweet once a day your excitement? :p Anyway reminder to those new to Twitter be sure and use #BenBrowder and #NaughtForHire —no spaces. Apparently the studio(reportedly Paramount) is monitoring various social media for interest in the project and Ben.

14 May

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I was going through stuff on my website and found this from 2003. There is much about the Farscape story we will never know and may not want to know.

11 May

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Been working alot but we are still waiting for Naught For Hire news 🙁

Cute article and so true here.