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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

8 June

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The Facebook group Friends of Action John is moving before they reformat—–be sure and stop by!

6 June

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The Lee Child page on Facebook has a poll up on who should play Reacher—I added Ben’s name. Can’t hurt to vote ūüėÜ


6 June

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Always love to hear good things about Ben! Just to let you know the bit about him coming in to read his off camera lines¬†IS a big deal. Many times when you see the shot of your favorite characters having an intense discussion one or both is responding to lines being read by a random crew member not the other actor. It is a compliment. So check out SG1’s Joe Mallozzi’s blog!

5 June

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Ben’s project, ¬†Naught For Hire, ¬†got a nice blurb from the people at stargate-sg1-solutions.com !¬† I think the incredible speed with which information in spread today via the internet gives the impression that a project is “stalled” or something is wrong.¬† I am on the fence whether knowing something is better than knowing nothing. I remember at the first Farscape convention listening to Rockne O’Bannon, David Kemper, ¬†and Brian Henson talking about how long it was between the first pitches of the show until they started casting.Years! Was it worth it? ¬†Yes — ¬†because what we got was¬†a unique show with a great cast. ¬†Rockne O’Bannon has many times said if the show had been picked up by FOX (the first network it was pitched to) it would not have been the show we eventually watched.¬† When I get impatient about projects I read about like ¬†Naught For Hire, ¬†Freeze Frame, ¬†or even the Lee Child novel/film ¬†One Shot,(¬†I still maintain Ben would be perfect for) ¬†I try and remind myself of this! ¬†So for now talk up Ben’s projects on open social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and IMDB or any other sites you frequent. This goes for other actors you enjoy seeing. ¬†Honestly not sure if the studios get LiveJournal( I find it cumbersome and frustrating often and consider myself fairly net savvy) or Tumblr but if you use those link the discussion to more mainstream sites if possible. I have started a new Ben as Reacher thread on IMDB if anyone wants to join me ūüôā

4 June

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Lots of people¬† “Like”ing Ben’s future projects on Facebook!!¬† There are boards at IMDB as well (you do have to register) and frankly how many ways can one say how excited they are about a project we have yet to see or even know when we will see? But if you have time stop by there and comment. I am unsure if they will check out this page but feel free to post comments or other places to show¬† support for Ben Browder.

For fun become a Friend of Action John on Facebook!


2 June

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Alot of people have been doing their part by “Liking” Ben and the two projects , Freeze Frame and Naught For Hire! ¬†Development for smaller, ¬†innovative projects often is painstakingly long and drawn out especially when the economy is slow. Hollywood has a different set of perceptions than the rest of us. Summed up nicely¬†here by cinesnark. So keep encouraging people to “Like” projects for Ben and other actors you support as well as their pages many of which are set-up by industry people to test an actor’s popularity or sellability. I still think Ben Browder¬†would make a excellent Jack Reacher, the hero of the Lee Child novels. I visit the Facebook page and join the discussions—haven’t visited the IMDB page in awhile but will be doing so. Twitter provides an easy way for studios to check popularity by searching for both the name and the “trend”.

1 June

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As has been posted here studios do monitor things like Facebook fan pages.Despite the fact that may visitors don’t ever return to said pages after “liking” them. That said go “Like” Ben ! The page has no place to post and is basically the Wiki page but…..we want the guy validated!!