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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

16 July

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Ben was amazing as usual today! I am formatting the video and will u/l it as soon as it is ready. Some great questions—fav SG1 moment was playing Kirk. Many of us know how generous Ben is with his time and today was no exception.There was a snafu with the photo ops and about 30 (?) had to be repeated after he signed autographs for over 2 hours! He had the photographer take a group shot first! An incredibly long day after he closed out the party the evening before–though he didn’t go close out Klingon Karaoke with Adam Baldwin!

15 July Part 2

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Just got back from the Blast Off Party where the guests were Melinda Clark, Adam Baldwin, Armin Shimerman, and Ben Browder.All were great! I met up with Canadian Niplet Linda and we joined with a bunch of Ben first timers!  We discussed social media and Naught For Hire when Ben joined our table. He had fun filming Bad Kids Go To Hell.  Basically everything is still waiting on Naught because that is the way Hollywood does business. One of the big sponsors wants talent and quality while the studio still thinks social media numbers the focus.Stay tuned ! Lots of Farscape fans! Many new,  ie since the show went off the air. Some pictures were taken and will be coming—-

15 July

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First evening at Polaris Con in Toronto –Action John got a Jayne Hat!

Also here is the poster:

5 July

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I want to comment on Ben’s statement about not understanding why someone would want his autograph.  I think the reasons differ from person to  person.  For some it is a chance to tell him face to face that they enjoy his work.  Many of us are too nervous  to start a conversation with someone we admire and the autograph is an icebreaker of sorts.  There is also a rivalry of sorts between fans of various actors,shows,books,movies etc. to keep your guy/girl on top of the fan dogpile.  One very obvious (albeit crass) way is the autograph value. I like it when Ben is a higher tier autograph at a convention. When his line is longer than another actor we view as “competition”  there are toasts and high fives that evening accompanied by “We win!!”.  Are there more important things in life to worry about? To quote John Crichton “Hell yeah”.  Farscape has given me hours of escape and many friends over the last 12  years. I have joined with some of these friends to raise money for important causes.  Ben is the face of Farscape to me and attending appearances, getting autographs, and photo ops is a way to show support. It is surely a surreal experience for him but one we fans,  many of whom are serious professionals in “real life”,  become giddy about!

5 July

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Twitter is great for finding quick links to nice little interviews like this one!

The “Likes” for Ben and his new projects keep rising—we fans are fulfilling our new role in marketing.

Don’t forget Ben will be appearing at the Polaris Con in Toronto July 16th — details on the In Person page. Hope to see some of you there!

1 July

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New picture from Bad Kids Go to Hell set ! Special thanks to Dizzy and Kazbaby for getting the word out to the LJ communities to “Like” Ben Browder on Facebook!  The studio(Paramount) is using the two most “popular” social networking sites  but we want Ben’s popularity known so tell your friends in all communities!

Also I put a poll up on my barely used LJ page but if you don’t do LJ  please add a comment telling where you get your Ben news ( can also email me at angie@benbrowder.net)