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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

24 August

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New poll from @SyfyUK for Sexiest Scifi Hunk—-be sure and vote!

22 August

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Got a couple of pictures from my friend of Ben at the end of his appearance Sunday in Chicago—-                               

I think I speak for many of us when I say I am a bit jealous of the Creation volunteer  😉

21 August

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I want to thank everyone for the feedback on the attempted live tweeting! I will try it again in November. Creation doesn’t allow filming and I try to follow that. Do have some exclusive pictures coming!  One thing I didn’t tweet ( because it seemed too weird) was that Ben gave the upcoming charity drive a shout out! The info and donation page will go live on September 1st as planned. My friend and I were seated ext to a mother and daughter who were at their first con ever(they have just started SG Atlantis) —didn’t know Ben so I said you are in for a treat! Afterwards they agreed 🙂

Going to go off on a mini rant on con etiquette! People should really rethink questions about an actor’s family–EVEN if the actor has made a passing comment. DO NOT press for more details on the answer when the question is graciously answered.  Saw this with more than one guest —- newbieness,youth, general ignorance are not excuses for bad manners.


20 August

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I  am in Chicago for the SG1 con and am going to attempt to live tweet Ben’s talk at 4 pm CST so follow @Action_John!

9 August

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Bad Kids Go To Hell behind the scenes video –— some glimpses of Ben — at the Polaris Blast Off Party I asked Ben if it was a fun shoot. He laughed and said “I am old!”


7 August

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At last month’s Polaris convention in Toronto something happened with many of the Ben photos and they had to re-take them.  The re-takes took place at the end of what had to be a verrrrrrry long day for him following arriving and closing out the Blast Off party which followed a shooting Bad Kids Go To Hell in Dallas! Jokingly he said can’t we just do a group shot? The photographer was game and we all got one!  Look closely for Action John!

Fun new interview with Ben over at the benbrowderportal — check it out if you have’t already!

6 August

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Am working alot of overtime this weekend but here is a must not miss interview with the director of Bad Kids Go to Hell over at Benbrowderportal.com by my friend Arlo Williams!

4 August

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TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Hear Ben on the Allie Theiss show!

3 August

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Got permission from Kimber007 to use two of  her  photos from the Polaris Blast Off Party in Toronto last month!  The first Action John hangs with 2 Doctors and an Alien. The second Adam Baldwin and Ben and their beverage tickets!

1 August

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I know it is only August 1st but I am working on the fundraiser for Ben’s birthday! Since he opened up about how cancer has touched his life the past year I wanted to choose a cancer charity. Two years ago we raised close to $900 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand a wonderful group that raises money for pediatric cancer research. Last year we raised just under $2000 for Fisher House.  After researching I liked The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Ran both by Ben to see if he had any objections or preferences. I hate doing that because I would rather it be a surprise. Here is his response:


I am okay with whatever charity you choose. You have my complete trust on this.


I have created a page and will unveil it on September 1st — this will give people plenty of time to donate before December!