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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

31 August

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 Ben’s birthday donation page

Donations accepted until December 11, 2012. Everyone knows someone who has a diagnosis of some type of  cancer. Breast cancer research yields discoveries that can aid in the treatment of all types of cancer.

27 August

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It is that time of year again!  Time to start the fundraiser for Ben’s birthday! I chose the Breast Cancer Research Foundation again. As it will be Ben’s 50th I set the bar high at $5000. I am going to try a couple of auctions.While in London I had Ben sign a photo from his upcoming Dr. Who ep and he included one of his lines from the show. I will post the link to the page on 1 September from Dragon Con. If you are attending Dragon Con contact me via @Action_John on Twitter or email if you want to be D*C “friends” on the app. There will be alot of Farscape fans many first timers as well as the Gaters whom Ben has charmed as well. I will be carrying the donation cup with me if you want to make a cash donation which will show up as “Dragon Con” on the donor roll. The minimum again seems to be $25 which funds 1/2 hour of research. This is high so you can share with another fan or contact me about other options. Also we will run the campaign from 1 September until 10 December.

22 July

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Canadian Ben fans—- if you are going to Fan Expo Canada in Toronto you can see a showing of Bad Kids Go to Hell !! Details here.