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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

22 February

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I have done some updating — Filmography, Six degrees, and In Person. Lots of chances to see Ben in 2013 on 3 continents ! Not sure if a con is worth it? Check out the benbrowder.net  channel on youtube ! There is an unlisted video for Gallifrey 2013 available to “friends” so contact me via email (angie@benbrowder.net) or Twitter  @ActionJohn  and I will link you. Ben was at the top of his game ! Nothing tops the energy at an in person talk ! 

21 February

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I am always too nervous to ask questions at cons but I had a chance to ask Ben one —- 

Q : How different is the working reality of your career compared to your perception of the career when you were studying?

A : I can’t remember WHAT I thought my career would be like. In fact, the answer I am about to give is probably filled with old age omissions and reconstructed truths.

I never imagined I would be doing a TV series… I guess cause I was never a big TV watcher as a young man. I was always busy doing something… I would watch shows in afternoon reruns, but was never religious in my TV habits.  I do remember as a child imagining I would be a professional athlete, then astronaut, then airline pilot. Though I’m pretty sure by the time I was 13, i was fairly sure no one really lived past 40.
I surely NEVER thought about fame or signing an autograph.  And even today when engaged in the act of signing an autograph, the whole experience strikes me as confounding and surreal. I am grateful to anyone enjoys the shows I have been lucky enough to be a part of… Surely I must have wanted the attention, but I don’t remember having that ambition. The ambition I do remember was to be on stage, getting paid, and having fun while doing it. “Fun” equating to riding the wave of the story and the knowing that the audience was on the journey with us.
Being an “actor” was something it took me the better part of a decade to lay claim to after I decided to pursue the craft at the age of 22. I was very uncomfortable telling people that was my “job” as it always struck me as presumptuous. Even today, when hovering over a form requesting my occupation, I hesitate before I scribble “actor”. Mayhaps I am still waiting on my real vocation… Politician, Bricklayer, or Student. 

20 February

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I have made the Gallifrey clip on youtube  private. Their Facebook page had a rather stringent message regarding sharing. This site is small and I have no idea if they were referring to me and I received no messages from them. However contact me and I will share with friends 😉 I scoured their site and saw nothing banning videotaping nor were there signs posted. I love watching panels of cons I can’t attend. I rewatch video of panels I attend. The availability of panels online would never keep me from attending a panel if it is possible for me to attend. Screwy sentence  but the posts in the thread on Facebook made this assumption. Nothing substitutes for an in person experience.

18 February

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I am going to attempt a brief recap of the weekend! I love being around Farscape/Sg1 fans who are seeing Ben for the first time! On Saturday I attended Gallifrey One — an amazing fan run Dr. Who convention in Los Angeles. We sat through several fun panels and were able to get front row seats!  A man my age(50’s)  sat next to me.He was from the UK and it was his first convention in America and he couldn’t believe he was getting to see “John Crichton”. Ben was really on his game seamlessly shifting from Dr. Who to Farscape to Hollywood to SG1 and beyond. To “get” Farscape requires an extremely agile mind I have always believed and to follow Ben when he is  “on”  does as well. This guy was astounded He kept saying “This is great!”. I could only answer I know !! I am tweaking the video of this. Many great stories which I have to say are never told in a bored or rote fashion. I found myself laughing as hard at his telling of his Farscape audition as I did in 2000 when I first heard it! As Gallifrey is a Dr.Who event he shared his love of the show( he had to do it or else his kids would have killed him!). Asked his favorite Dr he gave the answer we have heard in interviews — Matt Smith is amazing in the way he owns “his” Doctor but Ben attended London’s Central School of Speech and Drama with Chris Eccelston so he is his favorite not to mention he gave the series new life. On Sunday at the Grand Slam he mentioned a couple of things he had said the day before and made them fresh. Some actors who do cons go on answer questions yet seem on autopilot. Right before Ben came out on Sunday Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner were on stage. I first saw them at Grand Slam in the 90’s. The were courteous and humorous but not invested in what they were doing. Now however they are able to have fun and there is alot of energy. I have seen Ben onstage at conventions since 2000, including 4 times at Dragon Con when his agent and mentor was nearing the end of his battle with cancer. He always generates energy. I liken his stage performance to the ride that was Farscape. Below is Action John’s photo with the 10th Doctor’s companion Freema Agyeman. I was walking back to join friends and passed Ben talking to a fan and flashed it at him —- “Niiiice” was his comment  :mrgreen:


17 February

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Check out the tweets from Ben on stage at Grand Slam today— search #BenBrowder or @ActionJohn.

15 February

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New Ben appearance ! Armageddon Expo Melbourne 19-20 October 2013 also featuring Claudia Black !