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24 July

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I have been tweaking the Breast Cancer Research Foundation fundraising page which got me to remembering that it is almost 13 years since I first saw Ben on stage at the first Farscape Convention.  I “met” him via email several months later and in person Labor Day weekend 2001. My early impressions haven’t changed. He is proud of Farscape and the work he did on the show, truly respects Claudia Black as an actress, he “gets” fandom,  is introspective and private,  and basically is an all round good guy.  Ben’s birthday is in December and the fundraising celebration will start 1 September. A special shout out to fellow CaScaper Arlo for the photos!


19 July

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IMDB has Ben in a family feature The Adventures of RoboRex. The medium of distribution has not been announced yet.

****Don’t forget Ben will be a guest at Creaion’s SG1 con in Chicago on 17 August****

9 July

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CORRECTION : Start date is September 1

I know it is only July but I have been working on the birthday fundraiser. For this year I am sticking with Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This fandom is very international and the research will benefit people everywhere. New this year will be no minimum donation and Paypal. There will be two ways to donate—via the “cause page” (credit card) and via Paypal on this site. I plan to launch on September 1. That said I will have the change cup at the Chicago SG con for those going to see Ben. The money collected there will be the opening donation. There will be several auctions of signed (RDA,Claudia,Amanda Tapping with Ben) pictures and some surprise goodies! Several fans have items they are donating or auctioning themselves with the proceeds to be donated. 

From last July :