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30 September

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Kicking this week off with the third auction ! Breast Cancer Research Foundation measures donations in “research hours” with $50 = 1 hour of research.  This research can yield all kinds of discoveries like the anti-parasite properties that recently saved a young girl’s life who became infected with Naeglaria fowlerii (parasite that literally eats the brain in a matter of days) while swimming at a popular swim park.  A drug created in Germany to fight breast cancer cells displayed an ability to destroy parasites quickly.  There are so many worthy causes that pull at all of us everyday. You visit here because you enjoy Ben’s work so give back and get something for yourself as well! Bid on one of the two ongoing auctions! Click on the images to visit the auctions! Or if you want to make a cash donation go here.


21 September

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First auction complete and yielded $153.50 (winner is travelling/working so when payment made will update the total!). Second item is :

grant bowler

Grant Bowler was very funny when I handed him this to sign—-he was next to Stephanie Leonidas who plays his adopted daughter on Defiance—he says “Steph look at what Daddy did”—-cracked me up! 

Ebay link :


4 September

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The Birthday Fundraiser has commenced! Click on the header above to get info! There will be random auctions with the big ones commencing in November and will feature a handcrafted Crichton doll, Ben’s costume from Bad Kids Go to Hell(accompanied by a signed card), a digital painting of Ben as John Crichton wearing The Coat,  and several autographed pictures of Ben with co-stars as well as some surprises. The ebay charity function charges fees and takes quite awhile to get to the charity so I will auction as an individual and pay the fees so the entire amount goes to the charity.  Here is the first item  :