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31 October

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****UPDATE**** Link to a better version of the VIP panel


Time to get serious about raising money for Breast Cancer Research Foundation for Ben’s birthday! Three auctions starting today thanks to some Ben fans who attended the Armageddon events down under and donated photos! Click on the image below to go to eBay! Remember there is no minimum to donate this year —see the link above and if you donate via Paypal please email me so I can make sure we get the credit! I have also u/l the VIP panel from Auckland(less the last 5 minutes or so!) –another guy with a more professional set-up will be posting his later this week and I will also share the link.

27 October

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I am in Auckland where I saw Ben and Gigi Edgley on stage yesterday and there will be more coming but the WiFi is dodgy! Big news is Ben will be filming a horror movie (and yes we did ask if it was a la Sharknado!) and he is unsure which is a bit worrisome but who knows! Tomorrow is a special panel which I am going to film but may not be able to u/l until Tuesday evening. Action John got a special shout out as well yesterday — not sure if that is a good thing or not!

2 October

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month — so plan your donation now! Skip a couple of lattes or beers this month and click on the Happy Birthday link above !

Many of us already know this but a blurb on Blaster about Ben having been the choice for SGA. I do like the writer’s wording regarding him being cast in SG1.