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27 November

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The auctions have finished for 2013 yielding $1405.15  !!!  The overall total is $2196!!! Americans as you give thanks tomorrow make a donation in rememberance of someone, in thanks for a survivor, or in the hope for someone just diagnosed not just with breast cancer but any disease being fought. Discoveries are made continually and are shared to benefit us all!

The actor who portray’s Ben’s son in the upcoming Syfy film Dead Still posted a picture on Twitter with Ben. Another guy Joe Mex also posted this picture. The young boy posted on Facebook a quote from producer/composer Christopher Saint Booth : “Dead Still team: We have officially blown away the network with all our hard work on Dead Still. You guys rocked it as I Quote from the Network..This is the best production we have ever seen…. ”  

UPDATE—————– The Crichton Doll has arrived at his new home and winner Michelle is sharing :

25 November

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A little over a day and a half until the last auction ends ! I saved this item for last because it was MY favorite—just incredible so check it out and BID! Or make a donation — every dollar helps in the search for a cure ! The winner of the Crichton doll sent a great picture of Cam and Daniel waiting for him to arrive!


23 November

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The Scaper community lost a fixture last Friday. Lisa Dorman, Just Plain Lisa, passed away after a valiant struggle against cancer(s). Lisa has always been a big supporter of the birthday fundraisers, this year like many in the past she was amongst the first to donate. I, like many who attended the Farscape cons have known her for a decade or more. It is bittersweet to see her name now being “in memory of” on the honor list as people pay tribute to her. She was a member of the Nipplettes or as Ben called them , The Purple Boa Ladies, of the Farscape cons! Here is a picture of Lisa at this year’s Dragon Con —last night of which we Scapers’  posed :

21 November

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I was adding some screenshots to the gallery and saw a picture of one of my favorite Farscape con moments. There was a live commentary of Green Eyed Monster with Ben, Claudia Black, David Kemper,Tony Tilse and Lani Tapu.



Don’t forget to donate — click on the birthday link above!

19 November

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TOTAL = $1632 !!!!!!!!!!

The last two auctions should bring us over the $2000 mark which still makes us pretty short of the goal we reached last year. I can only say again this research benefits us all. Other drugs and applications are discovered in the process. A twelve year old girl in Arkansas was diagnosed with a brain eating parasite of which few in the world have ever survived after receiving a breast cancer drug that had anti-parasitic properties she is back in school and is the 3rd American known to survive. So I ask you all to donate even if it is just the amount of your daily coffee or other drink of choice. It may help someone you know someday! Donate by 11 December !!!

This is a teaser of the last auction—a digital painting by the Farscape fandom’s own Spritelady and signed by Ben!

13 November

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UPDATE : TOTAL SO FAR    $1404.66


Ben’s Bad Kids Go to Hell wardrobe auction jumped out with a great start  — several inquiries giving me hope for an exciting finish! Here is a preview  of the next auction starting Saturday (Action John NOT being auctioned but his friend is!). Ben fan Beth who created the doll has a fun page of adventures for the dolls (this is a public link–doesn’t require being on Facebook).


11 November

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Bid !!Click on the picture below to go to the auction. These last 3 items will have higher reserves because of their uniqueness! Thanks again to dizzy for her generosity!!

9 November

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Ben started filming Dead Still this past week. As those of us who are long-time fans know he prefers not to talk much about the project until it is complete. When he mentioned it at Armageddon in Auckland the four of us sitting there were a bit stunned. Some other details are out but I am adopting Ben’s wait and see stance 🙂 In other words more later!

The charity auctions are doing well and we just passed $1000 mark. Last year’s total was $5100 so this is not an unreasonable goal. So donate your latte or beer money for a week! The fundraiser officially ends at midnight on December 11,2013. If you donated via Paypal and don’t see it on the scroll please contact me. You can also Paypal me and I will put it in via credit card with your name. The last three auctions are big ones! Monday will be Ben’s costume from Bad Kids Go to Hell (pants,undershirt,work shirt) donated by dizzy and a signed card.


5 November

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The three auctions have finished for a total of $423.65 !!!!!!!!!! New auction on now with a snazzy banner courtesy of Spritelady!

Click on the photo below to go to the auction!

Next up   Fargate photo ! Ben is trying to make the photos for auction more interesting so I suggested “Fargate” and he added all his “roles” on both shows!