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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

24 December

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Merry Christmas!!

 I know that this page gets visitors of many beliefs and many destinations and I am grateful for all of you visit regularly !!

12 December

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I let Ben know how the auction went  and I want to pass along his thanks to all who participated for what we do for others — and I want to add once again my thanks to those donated auction items as well as those who donated either by traditional method or winning an auction.

11 December

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Happy Birthday Ben Browder!!!!!!


Most of us were introduced to this actor 15 years ago and are still following his career!! In the era of instant gratification and sound bites that is pretty amazing. There is still time to donate to Breast Cancer Research Foundation on the Ben Browder Birthday cause page. Your donation can be in honor of, memory of or in support of any individual you choose. 

9 December

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2 Days left to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation !!

 There are so many good causes out there and most of us have our favorites —- this charity was chosen to celebrate Ben’s birthday for a variety of reasons. The impact across the global fan spectrum, the personal connection (Ben’s wife had been diagnosed, doing fine at last report!), and BCRF is know for having 91% of funds raised go to the program. So give the gift of hope for a cure as the holidays near, make an end of year tax deduction, or give to make yourself feel better ( studies say giving releases feel good chemicals in the brain!) . If those reasons are too mundane how about our favorite actor is going to be 51 and pulled this off last August (thanks to @virkatjol again for the photo!)

7 December

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4 Days left to donate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your mom, sister, friend might prefer a donation in their name to a conventional gift. I can’t say enough that many will benefit not just women and not just men and women suffering breast cancer. The drugs discovered in the process of searching for a cure are being used to treat a variety of things, the most amazing to me as a microbiologist is the German drug for breast cancer treatment which saved a 12 year old with a Naegleria infection. This is a brain eating parasite that devours the brain. After receiving the drug(flown over from Germany) the girl responded and is back in school becoming the third American survivor. There is a very small window for treatment and luckily the drug researchers had published the anti-parasitic effects of their drug which the American doctor had read.