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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

29 March

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I am hoping to continue relating some moments from the past for those who are new. It is important to remember that though there was a robust online community it was nothing like what exists today. AIM and mIRC were the real time social media. Many people found out about the first Farscape convention  because it was advertised at the end of the episodes leading up to the convention. I subscribed to Creation’s email list which I had signed up for years earlier for Star Trek and X Files. I admit to being jaded as I have said before and was a bit stunned at Ben’s enthusiasm on stage. I decided even if it was faked I was impressed!  The SciFi Channel message board or “The Dom” (for Dominion) was the main place to discuss Farscape. They had an mIRC chat room and on Fridays might have 200 or more people when a new episode aired.  The actors had locked handles so if they were there you knew it was actually them. The channel hosted official chats with actors, writers, directors, and producers. All involved were pretty savvy so it was a very natural flowing chat, not stilted or heavily moderated like many were at the time. David Kemper in particular would question the questions and the fans. Ben was like he is when you see him at a con — very good on the details of episodes and answering the questions fully and honestly. Ben’s handle was “Black_Tee”.  Magazines like SciFi, Starlog, Dreamwatch and Cinefantastique were the go to “official” sites for interviews with Ben. Now there are so many sites and blogs providing interviews it is amazing! I started this site in fall of 2000 because there were Farscape sites and BritAngie’s site for Ben and that was it. Today there are pages on Livejournal, a Tublr full of creative Ben Browder GIFs, conversations on Twitter from around the world. Below is one of the first appearances of Ben on a cover —- the Sydney Herald TV Magazine.

28 March

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I know many of you are new fans so this is a flashback to 1989. Ben and new wife Francesca Buller were cast in Dustin Hoffman’s Merchant of Venice on Broadway. Francesca had also been in the London production. She told a wonderful story at one of the Farscape cons about one of the early rehearsals in New York. The cast is all crowded in a room and Dustin Hoffman makes the suggestion on the direction someone comes on stage for swordplay. She panics as she hears a familiar voice saying No no  as they have just moved here and need the job! Ben proceeds to demonstrate and Dustin Hoffman see his point . Special thanks to Auntie Nora for helping my memory on this! 



26 March

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I will be having the birthday fundraiser this year after a hiatus last year due to personal issues. There will be several auctions again of signed photos/items as these seem to be the most popular. The charity will be Alex’s Lemonade Stand . We have raised money for this charity before and it has maintained it’s high rating. The donation system is much more user friendly than many other charities and does allow Paypal which will allow auction winners to pay the charity directly as well as many fans who prefer Paypal. The page will open on 1 October and run until midnight 11 December. Ben fans have contributed almost $10,000 over the last few years to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Fisher House. So save some money for a good cause!

15 March

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I added many picture to the appearances gallery. Some may seem like duplicates and may be but some were from people who took continual shots and offered them and I liked them all! Special thanks to Tina Gill (surfwidow), Musical Gal, pk Patti, Roger Hallas, Bob Tebbe, Gravastar, Brigitte, and any others I may have missed. Again be courteous if you are going to post, pin, or tumble these! Personally when I see a great or unusual shot that I want to use sometimes it is impossible to find the photographer! Speaking of which I am looking for a really good shot of Ben kissing Michael Shanks and / or Ben kissing John Barrowman. I would like to get them signed for the auction. I did find a couple on Google but would love a better resolution. Thanks!

13 March

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Many of you have already seen Steve Schofield’s photos of Ben. I was waiting for permission to post them 🙂 Be sure and check out his site for his other work — I really enjoyed wandering! This is my favorite and I am placing a screen cap from 1997’s Nevada next to it. Time has been kind….






9 March —–

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New Six Degrees. Images updated. Combined my two interviews for easy reading.

I am going to Australia in April and will be attending the two Oz Comic Cons that feature Ben as a guest. I will video the talks and may try and tweet as well. I am looking forward to hearing if there is anything exciting for us to be watching for! I continue to be amazed at all the new Farscape fans! Many are Ben fans as well which I love seeing them posting on social media. So if you are a new fan check out the Print page which features early interviews. There are other Ben sites which feature an abundance of screencaps marvelously done so you won’t find those here. Pictures are for all but I would appreciate it if you share it somewhere give credit 🙂 Small Pinterest board if you need a break from recipes and DIY !