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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

8 July

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Just announced Gatecon has canceled Ben Browder.The entire con will likely be canceled(if this is the case there will be refunds). They announced this on their Facebook page and have not updated their web page.

5 July

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If you haven’t been to a small con and want to see/meet Ben Browder then Gatecon would be a perfect opportunity. Is the cost worth it you may be asking? As an experienced con goer who loves the big cons like#SDCC ,#DragonCon , and #Fedcon theyy are big experience and great for meeting other fans etc. Some wonderful panels but you do spend much of your time waiting in line. You get a few minutes to speak at the autograph table where actors like #BenBrowder try to make sure you get your moment. Not all actors bother but he does as do the guests scheduled for #GateconLondon. At the smaller cons like this there is a meet and greet included Thursday night for the deluxe ticket. American fans these are not what you have experienced.if you have attended a cocktail party or meet  and greet. They  more closely resemble a real life party. Laid back and relaxed. People standing in groups with or without a guest. Conversation is wide ranging like a “real” party. Events can be a couple of hours which allows for expanded discussions. So check your bank balances and passports. UK fans the hotel is near Twickenham so you may know some reasonable accommodations in the area and it is on the Picadilly line. The last con I attended had 75,000. I had the second tier ticket which means nothing really in a crowd that size. Fun? Yes. Memorable? No.