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25 October

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Quick update regarding the annual birthday fundraiser. This year’s is for IAVA , Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. They have a rating of 3 stars out of  4 with Charity Navigator (here). Ben is linked to the film Freeze Frame now called 19 which deals with veteran suicide. There will be no auctions this year just straight donations. IAVA doesn’t have a virtual set up so I have a page that will launch 11 November and run until 11 December. Donations will be via PayPal and those who don’t PayPal can email me and we can work something out.

24 October

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This is just an editorial post. I am a fan who admires Ben and loves the fact he seems to be a devoted family man. His children are now adults but that doesn’t change my opinion that children of actors are not fandom fodder, even when it is positive. Children don’t choose their parents, if they choose the industry it is different. The bottom line for me is I admire this person so I respect if they don’t discuss their children (grown or not) in public.  Chatting in private is different than posting in public whether the comment is positive or negative. I love to speculate in private as much as the next person! All of us fans should think before we post!! We longtime fans love to share stories and info with new members of the fandom and if we say well he/she doesn’t talk about their kids/marriage etc it is not a brush off but respect.

Ok back to “speculation” !! No clues from Ben regarding the mysterious Vancouver project and I am starting to wonder if Vancouver was a red herring.