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27 December

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WOW!!!! Great catch by alittledizzy !!!

Today’s edit. Ben. #nikond810 #profoto #captureonepro9

24 December

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Happy Holidays to all !! I emailed Ben the thank you from IAVA. Thanks again to all who participated!

6 December

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Just a reminder that the birthday fundraiser to benefit IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, ends Sunday night at midnight. The plight of veterans is a cause Ben feels is important. IAVA works especially to help those contemplating suicide upon their return. It is a top rated charity and well supported by veterans themselves. I know this is a busy time of year and everyone is watching their money. So many causes to choose from. So donate small and think of the young man or woman debating whether to face another day rather than a grande or a venti. Donate.  Special thanks to PKGirl for the photo!!