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27 March

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Ben on James Gunn :

James Gunn is a genius.

You can quote me on that.



Ben also sent along his new head shot  so enjoy πŸ™‚


27 March

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Huge catch by Carl Keyser on Twitter  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sent this to Ben who responded “No comment”  so May 5th can’t get here soon enough!!  Special thanks to Scaper Auntie N who alerted me at work!! 


19 March part 2

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I wished Ben a Happy Farscape Anniversary and asked his thoughts. Here is his reply :

I guess that makes us legal to vote? But not legal to drink.
I had a 19 year old yesterday call me John Crichton… She had  just watched the entire series for the first time. Kinda mind blowing.
Two decades is the typical spread for scifi reboots, so maybe more Farscape is on the horizon.

19 March

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Today is the 18th anniversary of the premiere of Farscape on the SciFi Channel. I have shared my story of how I came to discover the show many times over the years and will do so again today. The show premiered on a Friday night. I didn’t watch it. I had seen the Starlog magazine cover with the “puppets” and not given it much thought. Saturday my Dad called me which was unusual (my Mom usually called and they lived not that far so we saw them regularly). He asked if I had seen the new show on SciFi. I said no and he said you have to watch it! Then said he thought they were rerunning it during the week. This peaked my interest so I checked into it and my then husband set the vcr figuring if my Dad was that excited he was on board as well! That was it and we were hooked! My Dad , a computer hardware engineer who had little use for the internet, asked who the actor was as that boy can act πŸ™‚ After I attended the first convention , one day with my youngest daughter and the next with an X Files friend in August 2000  I decided to make a website for the actor who brought John Crichton to life. I knew little about web design (still don’t!) so I worked on it on days off while my daughters at school and husband at work. Spending most of my life in southern California where one becomes a bit more jaded about “stars”, I was very impressed with the cast at the con—none of the embarrassment seen at the time by actors at some cons. Ben was the only American actor on the show and was gracious and appreciative of the enthusiasm. He still is and though part of me still worries that this will change, but his true love and respect of the story remains in 2017. I have friends I met in the X Files fandom (we met on a text based chat) and some became Farscape fans as well. The friends I have met through Farscape populate my social media and my real life. They have been there for me through tough times, including divorce and loss of both parents, and happy times. It is great to visit other countries and have friends there who share your passions, not just for Farscape but books, travel and more. It is a unique show and a unique fandom. It lacks the divisions many fandoms have. Our crazies I am proud to say are a bit less crazy and well loved! So on this day we all answer John Crichton’s question : Can I get a hell yeah?