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11 January

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If you missed Ben on Criminal Minds last night check out CBS All Access (in US) which is offering a 1 week free trial or buy the ep on Amazon. He was looking great and wonderful to see him play a different role than we have seen him do. He said the cast were fun to work with and he gave kudos to them for being together for 13 seasons. As I see him play a father of younger children, believably in my some what biased opinion ;), I am reminded people think him “too old” to reprise the role of Crichton. Crichton would have a teenage son!

1 January

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Happy New Year!  We have Ben on Criminal Minds this month (?), Hoax and Being hopefully being released this year and maybe more news on GotG3 who knows !? 2018 should be a good year for Ben fans!

Update on #farscapenow :

When I started this campaign I figured on a year to get it going. That was based on the original Save Farscape campaign and the fact there is no central fan site to get people involved. I do think as we go forward we need to push for a 20th Anniversary convention in 2019, perhaps the buzz from that will garner attention from the press and investors.We also need to get Farscape back streaming on one or all of the services. Old fans will rediscover it and maybe be motivated to get involved. New fans will be made. I have started watching shows that I wasn’t interested in or had no time for when they aired on traditional television/cable. Often quality has little to do what what gets revived. People talking about a show. A show trending on social media.

Request Farscape on Netflix .


29 December

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A bit of an editorial today. People clamor for their favorite celebrities to be active on social media. Most actually only want very innocuous interaction confirming that the individual had a blast filming ____, the cast were like family and there were lots of pranks. That is fun and very real for some actors. Some add real comments that likely underscore the truth but still ring true about the experience. Some shout loud for causes dear to them. Some , especially those veterans of conventions have over time become open and honest in their real opinions on world events, sports and more. The cast of Star Trek : The Next Generation is most notable for this. In general it does not bother me— if I follow someone unless hate surface , and I mean hate for people that goes beyond hating man buns, latte drinkers and so on, I stick with them. Social media offers YOU the choice to follow or not, to scroll on by or even block so use your power to show your opinion of their posts. The world is not yet the world of Black Mirror’s Nose Dive but you can use the Like button or not. It is a bit arrogant and surreal when people think they should be giving career advice to a stranger they follow but that is the world we live in. Freedom of speech is very complicated!

11 December

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Happy Birthday Ben Browder !!!!!

I first met Ben in person in 2001 at the Farscape Convention. He was a classy guy then and still is —- he remains true and genuine and plays his own game which is a bit unusual in today’s media world I think.  Physically he has a few more laugh lines which anyone who has raised kids knows aren’t all from “laughing”! So below my favorite shots with him from 2001 and 2017 — thanks to musicalgal and the unknown fan in Birmingham! I hope this will be a great year for him!

6 December

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Netflix US has released Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 which features a cameo by Ben in case somehow you missed it! So add commenting on that to your tweets  and tag @Netflix and @JamesGunn. 

30 October

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For #ManCrushMonday a look back to 2012 and London Film and Comic Con. I was fortunate enough to attend. It was my first con outside North America and was very laid back. I met with a Scaper Leah who I knew from Twitter the first evening to pick up badges and she explained the set up. Many actors were there so that was great! Leah was volunteering and Saturday scooped that Ben was doing a panel on Sunday. I emailed him and said we had quite a group of UK Scapers attending. He answered back what panel? Uh oh. Ben saw me walking around and asked what time and where the panel was as his handler (who was busy on her phone trying to find out) so I told him what I knew. Gravastar arrived and we got in line and met Brigitte  for the first time. The panel was great despite Ben being surprised and tired after 2 days of signing and photo ops. The room was packed! Here is a shaky video 🙂 This fandom has allowed me to meet people from so many places! At this con Scapers from Hungary, Netherlands and England all brought together.

28 October

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Scaper Brigette found some more photos from Fed Con 2013. There were several first time guests signing and the room got very crowded so Ben moved his table and line out to the hotel’s atrium mall. As you can see the light was perfect! 




30 September

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Can I get a Hell yea??!!

While we wait for release dates for Ben’s projects in post production, Hoax and Being, and any new projects I have a couple of links for new fans.  Farscapeworld and karlsweb are great pace to experience the series as it aired. So re-watch an episode and check out what people said 17 years ago before binging was a TV term! 

I also want to note the timeline from Farscape‘s cancellation to the airing of The Peacekeeper Wars for those getting depressed about the #farscapenow campaign.

—-Farscape cancelled September 2002

—-The Peacekeeper Wars begins production December 2003

—-Official  announcement that SciFi Channel will air The Peacekeeper Wars May 2004

—-The Peacekeeper Wars airs October 2004

I leave you with CaScaper Bob’s tribute from the 2002 Farscape Con —- Time of Your Life

Hashtag surge Sundays 7 pm ET/ 1900 London time bring your favorite GIFS, photos or just retweet/repost! 

20 September

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Fellow longtime Scaper Nora and I are predicting Ben’s return in Guardians Volume 3. This is based on absolutely nothing except that Elisabeth Debicki is signed 😀 The script is not complete and we all know how Marvel is about non-disclosure agreements. The principles are signed through Volume 3 and I imagine filming will be completed before a list sans surprise cameos will be available. Since Ben would be reprising my hope is we may see his name at that time. Since Gunn may not follow the comics who knows if the Queen will be with the other Sovereigns at all. Until then and while we wait for Hoax and Being to be released it is fun to speculate!! 

Farscape fans be sure and check out Elizabeth Debicki’s series The Kettering Incident (US viewers it is on Amazon) directed by Rowan Woods.

Continue your hashtagging!!! #farscapenow

9 September

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I posted this on farscapenow.net and am repeating it here.

Fifteen years and one week ago Farscape fans gathered in a chat room run by the SciFi Channel and rallied to save our show. We formed groups around the world that used various means to show our dedication. We got a miniseries to close out a chapter of the story. Most of us felt like series creator , Rockne O’Bannon, that there were many more stories to tell.  The actors, producers and crew were very vocal in their support. They were fighting for their jobs and a job they were proud of. Today they are in a different position with regards to speaking out. Even we non-industry people know it is a fickle business that is likely to pick up a show for revival and turn it in to something unrecognizable! I know many of you want to hear from those at the top publicly. Hopefully that day will come.

Last night we saw another cancelled SYFY show follow our lead at the behest of their producer and trend on Twitter with 100,000 tweets. Yes the actors also got involved. Remember they are still under contract and fighting for a job in a profession where only 5% or so are working at any time! So please do not compare them to our actors as caring more. Farscape has accrued more fans as the years have gone by.Many never use social media or think to search it. If we want more Farscape we have to earn it. The world of television has changed over the years and there are more shows than ever and so many more outlets! This is good and bad. Netflix is losing the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. I am guessing this frees up money for other projects. Game of Thrones has only a few episodes left to produce so HBO will be looking for another drama that attracts people who want something complex and unique. STARZ fans also like different as the success of Outlander. Amazon Studios is another possible source. We may know soon if the SYFY show gets new breath from one of these. It is cheaper for a studio to invest while all the sets intact and everyone still under contract. Farscape is in a much different situation though I suspect investors that are approached will check the show’s social media footprint as it is real time eavesdropping on viewers trends. Facebook is not usually monitored closely like Twitter and Instagram.

I understand those who are discouraged and I will remind you of the Star Trek fans who prior to the internet worked tirelessly and many thought foolishly for more Trek from June 1969 until December 1979. I don’t plan to give up just yet and hope you don’t either!