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3 August

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What a moment when two men who have admired each other’s work get to take a few minutes  and discuss a shared passion — Farscape. I think we all would love to see James Gunn leave his mark on Farscape in the future! Thanks to Scaper Patricia for the spot! #farscapenow


#GotGPicoftheDay One of my favorite #scifi shows of all time was #Farscape. So when I ran into the show’s star, Ben Browder, a couple of years ago at the Saturn Awards, I asked him if he’d make a cameo in #guardiansofthegalaxy. He thankfully agreed and can be seen as the Sovereign Admiral with Ayesha. He’s a great guy. Here we are chatting Farscape #behindthescenes. #movies #movie #gotg #gotgvol2

12.3k Likes, 83 Comments – James Gunn (@jamesgunn) on Instagram: “#GotGPicoftheDay One of my favorite #scifi shows of all time was #Farscape. So when I ran into the…”


2 August

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Most of you may have seen this already on Ben Browder Network but in case you haven’t πŸ™‚ I was asked for contact information from the Being people and received this message from one of the executive producers:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Rickey and I’m an Executive Producer for the film Being. It
has come to my attention that all of you have reached out in various
ways seeking answers on our project that popped up on your radar on
July 31st. If you have not yet heard already, the whole Being team is
not only excited to work with Ben Browder, but to also engage with his
extended family of passionate supporters in a very meaningful way
after we have finished shooting. Our priority is to provide the best
experience and environment conducive to success. In other words, we
hope you are okay with us being a little selfish by keeping news close
to the vest until we have carried out our Director’s vision. We care a
lot about the talent who have dedicated their time and energy to us as
well as their respective management and representatives who were quite
pleasing to work with. We don’t want to let any distraction get in the
way of delivering the product you deserve. We hope you can understand.

In the coming months, we will make ourselves available to answer
questions through various platforms and we can’t thank you enough for
your interest. This isn’t a press release per se, but rather a
courtesy response. Thank you very much!


Rickey Gerard Perez


So now two Twitter missions for Ben fans : #farscapenow — retweet and share Ben or Farscape related messages,GIFs, or photos AND follow @BeingMovie and retweeet them (may be a bit as main filming begins August 14th).

1 August

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This site will be 17 years old in a few months. It has been fun and I hope it will continue to be. I am a clinical microbiologist by trade and have never tried to have this site be anything more than what it is. Being a Ben fan I know my fellow fans are smart and savvy and know where to find Ben news out on the internet. So I rarely link or mention to other sites as you guys already visit/follow them. So when I do mention them it is not to slight anyone but rather to acknowledge where I got information or where I will be watching for information. Also it means I respect the integrity of the information presented at that site Please do not use the comments section to tout your sites as they will be marked as spam .  This rarely occurs luckily as most of you are like me when I visit sites—just a drive by πŸ™‚

31 July

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UPDATE 2 :  The writer of the film (with Douglas C. Williams) is a big Farscape fan was excited when he was told Ben had been signed!!

UPDATE 1 August : Principle filming will start August 14th in Cornwallville,NY. Keep an eye on Ben Browder Network on Facebook and Twitter for Being inspired photos featuring Ben and the cast by Sprite Lady.


Scaper Patricia passed on Ben Browder Network’s find of a new IMDB listing for Ben — Being scheduled for 2018 featuring Lance Hendrickson and Robert John Burke.  He plays Agent Dixon so an MIB or a Mulder πŸ˜‰ Am confirming any details now. 

29 July

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Ok let us take a few moments to go back to fall of 2002. Many of you hadn’t joined the Farscape family yet, so this is addressed to the others. We fans rallied despite the saber rattling of the US president who did not win the popular vote, social protests were happening, investigation in to election improprieties were ongoing and some winding up — sound a bit familiar? European fans were worried their countries would be drawn in and protests happening in their capitols as well. Despite this we took to the internet, the phones to save our show and jokingly(or not!)  our sanity. Do I think today worse—yes. That is why we need escapism. I have worked in healthcare for over 30 years and was married to a cop for 16. It has taught me to thankful. Sometimes I need to escape the reality of how cruel life can be. I get that people can escape watching reality dribble (not really but I try!). So for all of the old warriors who still proudly say they are a Scaper —- dust off your 2002 spirit and Tweet,tumblr,Reddit or whatever to streaming services such as Netflix,Hulu,Amazon Studio and yes even our former nemesis SYFY that the time is now for more #farscapenow. Where do you get your entertainment news? Post to them that you want to hear about Farscape— where are they now, revival merit whatever YOU are interested in. The need for stories by these sites will attract the streaming services/networks that can help at Henson line up investment money and guarantee a distribution outlet at the same time.  The campaign will also provide you, the fan, with a few minute a day escape from the adult world around you! So go and ask for more #farscapenow and save your sanity!

20 July

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I am trying to organize ideas for the #farscapenow campaign. Check out the plan and let me know if your thoughts! I know we all want to see Ben doing something good on screen!

16 July

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A bit of a follow up to my editorial rant. I believe in showing respect in public forums to both your fellow fans and the actors being discussed. That said there is nothing wrong with appreciating their sex appeal and physical attributes as well as their talent. For me there some beautiful actors with zero talent that have no appeal.  That is where I question Hollywood’s choices sometimes but then I realize great abs or hair are enough for many viewers. A group I am in (not Farscape or Ben related) had some people posting that they knew the partner of an actor was jealous of them because they were so much more fun than she as they attended a wrap party and she couldn’t be bothered (their words). They had no facts and the couple has 2 younger kids and it was during school. She is also a performer. It was said in fun I am sure but repeated and discussed in depth. The fans are happily married women. It passed the line in my opinion because they demeaned the partner so as an extension the actor . However saying you would “hook up,do etc” an actor is different in my mind. It is usually said as a compliment , off the cuff and in a setting where one is comfortable. I have posted that myself especially back in the early days of Farscape on the Dom. If any producer types are reading fan groups they want to know the actors are appealing and often sex appeal draws more viewers than just talent. Farscape was blessed with a group of actors that had both. They were various types, ages and some in prosthetics yet all had and still have followings who find them and the characters they played “sexy”. Well maybe not Rygel though Jonathan Hardy was adored by fans. Most of us who make the comments are not sexist in real life and treat people with respect.  I am sure this sounds a bit hypocritical but I think most of us think along the same lines. There are lines not to be crossed. Comments that are truly offensive usually generate many negative responses that let the poster know a line has been crossed. A pet peeve of mine is conventions where all guest questions are vetted. The same goes with fan boards. Farscape and Ben fandoms are usually pretty mellow and self-regulating. Heated discussions may call for a nudge from the mod now and again. Trekbbs use to ban people for a week at a time when things got ugly and heated ( and it was worth it when I responded rudely to someone who said Connor Trineer was a better actor than Ben !).

Right now we need to band together to get more Farscape. You can bet that Producers and investors want to know the leads still have “it” and people want to see them back in their leathers!  #farscapenow  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 July

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A bit of an editorial today first. Farscape fandom and the Ben fandom as it is a corollary, have long been known for being mellow and accepting. Rarely any heavy handed actions by mods needed as I have witnessed in other fandoms. We disagree but choose to embrace the differences as our heroes did to become a family. Often to quote Crichton ” a Jerry Springer kind of family” but … it does bother me to hear of fan policing over things that are not immoral or illegal. As we fight for more #farscapenow let us embody the best of this fandom.

Meanwhile it appears Hoax reshoots complete. Not a fan of horror genre but this may be enough of a twist to make it work for me. Plus Ben and Brian “Mighty Morphin’ Bounty Hunter” Thompson star.

30 June

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It is #FarscapeFriday so check out the latest in the #farscapenow campaign

Ben is doing reshoot for the Film Hoax that he shot last summer in Colorado. 

23 June

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#FarscapeFriday takes on more meaning as we begin to get serious about the quest for more #farscapenow !! I mean Full House is getting a second season on Netflix! Granted it cost way less to produce but seriously πŸ™‚ If you are off this weekend take a few minutes before heading out to Tweet or tumbl or Reddit or Snapchat or whatever your social media of choice is to say you want more #farscapenow. Tag entities when you can or choose like Netflix,Amazon or Henson Company.