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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

Some of my favorites……….. Fanclub 2000 Burbank  Phoenix Fan Fest 2014 Armageddon Auckland 2013 Gallifrey 2013 London Film and Comic Con 2012 Polaris Con 2011     The Late Show 2004 Politically Incorrect 2000 (I was in the audience for this one!) G4’s Screensavers Dragon Con SG1 panel 2009 Dragon Con Farscape panel Saturday 2009 (this is a huge file 40 min log) Dragon Con Farscape panel Monday 2009 (special thanks to Dizzy and Mav) Dragon Con Gate panel Friday 2010 Dragon Con Gate panel Saturday 2010 (special thanks to Dizzy and Mav) Dragon Con Farscape panel Sunday 2010 (special thanks to Dizzy and Mav)Dragon Con Gate panel Monday 2010