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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

1978 “Duncan’s World” Gates
1991 “A Kiss Before Dying” Tommy Roussell
          “Daughters of Privilege“(TV) Randy
1992 “The Boy’s of Twilight” (TV Series) Tyler
           “Secrets” (TV) Bill Warwick
1995 “Big Dreams and Broken Hearts:The Dottie West Story“(TV)
1996 “Party of Five” (TV Series) Sam Brody
1997 “Steel Chariots“(TV) D.J. Tucker
            “Bad to the Bone“(TV) Brent
            “Nevada” Shelby
            “Boogie Boy” Freddie
1998 “The Sky’s On Fire” (TV) Racer
1999-2003 “Farscape” (TV Series)
2004 “A Killer Within” Sam Moss
            “Behind The Camera : The Unauthorized Story of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ ” Lee Majors
            “Farscape : The Peacekeeper Wars” (mini-series) John Crichton
2005- “SG1” (TV Series) Cameron Mitchell
2008  SG1:The Ark of Truth  Cameron Mitchell
2008  SG1 : Continuum Cameron Mitchell and relative
Other TV Appearances
1993 “Grace Under Fire” played Eric in the
episode “The Undergraduate”
1994 “Melrose Place” played Adam in the episode ” Two Mrs. Mancini’s
           “Murder She Wrote” played Ollie Rudman in the episode “Murder By Twos
           “Thunder Alley” played Marcus in the episode “Girl’s Night Out”
2000 “Politically Incorrect”  himself
2001 Craig Kilborn Late Show himself
2003 “CSI : Miami” Danny Maxwell
2005 “Justice League” Bat Lash (voice)
2008 Stargate : The Ark of Truth  Cam Mitchell
2008 Stargate : Continuum  Cam Mitchell
2012 Chuck baddie 
2012 Bad Kids Go to Hell  Max
2012 Dr. Who Isaac
2013 Arrow Ted Gaynor
2014 CSI  Randy Pruitt
2015 Bad Kids Go 2 Hell  Max
2016 Outlaws and Angels  George
2017  Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2  Sovereign
2018  Criminal Minds  Steve Gaines
2018 Post production no release date as of 3/2018
Hoax  Rick Paxton
Being  Agent Dixon
2015 Bad Kids Go 2 Hell
Stage Appearances (known)
“Merchant of Venice” with Dustin Hoffman