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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

11 December

Posted: December 11th, 2017 | Author: | Filed under: News | Tags: , , | 2 Comments »

Happy Birthday Ben Browder !!!!!

I first met Ben in person in 2001 at the Farscape Convention. He was a classy guy then and still is —- he remains true and genuine and plays his own game which is a bit unusual in today’s media world I think.  Physically he has a few more laugh lines which anyone who has raised kids knows aren’t all from “laughing”! So below my favorite shots with him from 2001 and 2017 — thanks to musicalgal and the unknown fan in Birmingham! I hope this will be a great year for him!

2 Comments on “11 December”

  1. 1 Becks said at 4:38 am on December 12th, 2017:

    Love the pics! Thanks for posting!!

  2. 2 Dabee said at 8:12 am on December 12th, 2017:

    Hope you had a great day! Iggy sends lots of sweet little birthday kisses!!

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