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12 June

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Next week we should know the other project Ben has been busy with and excited about. We already know he has been finishing the post work on Bad Kids Go 2 Hell. The other project should become public at E3 which starts 16 June in Los Angeles.  I tend to think it is Call to Duty : Black ops 3 because of the technology involved and the image I found online but all conjecture at this point. I know many of us non-gamers would prefer him on a series (cough Containment cough) or a feature film. It is important to remember the opportunities these games now offer actors. Top directors such as Ridley Scott, who is directing Halo 5 which features Nathan Fillion’s voice, are often involved. These directors are often involved in casting decisions on their projects so it is a great opportunity for an actor to make connections. I am sticking with this as my guess !


2 Comments on “12 June”

  1. 1 Rita Lewis said at 2:36 pm on June 12th, 2015:

    I think it’s a great opportunity for Ben to get into this world where so many top flight actors are able to make some money between live action gigs. He also seems to be having great fun with the technology.

  2. 2 kyle said at 2:08 am on June 16th, 2015:

    I think you called it. It even sounds like ghim.

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