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13 November

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Remember before you get caught up in holidays to think of our returning veterans. Over 500,000 soldiers have returned from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Each story is different. IAVA , Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is there for them. Ben fan Sylvrewolf , herself a vet, pointed out the lack of political connections this highly rated charity has which she sees a positive thing. In this country veterans are often used as pawns or props by politicians of all parties, so a group by veterans for veterans is a much needed thing. The group is especially focused on helping prevent suicide by those who have returned. These young men and women are strong but fighting an unseen enemy they were not trained to battle. So please make a donation for them. No minimum so skip you latte or monster drink. If you want to help veterans in your home country donate in Ben’s name and send me an email or tweet so I can let him know.

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