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14 June

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Ok just a little round-up of the day’s Ben news! First filming still underway on Bad Kids Go to Hell. Naught For Hire has a signed contract with Paramount to be a digital TV series. Author John Stithe has hopes this will get things moving a bit. My perverse side is pleased at the reaction that has met the news that Tom Cruise is in talks to play Jack Reacher.  Mainstream entertainment sites decrying it as a bad decision with their comment boards running mostly negative againt Cruise. Lee Child/Reacher sites overwhelming against the choice. Will it matter? Probably not. The webmistress at leechild.com recommended a documentary on Netflix called Tales from the Script. A couple of industry friends had mentioned it but I just got around to watching it this evening. A must for those wanting to understand how this whole page to paper thing works!      

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