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16 December

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I had a great weekend in Phoenix at the first Fan Fest. It was small but often that is nice. Many vendors and one room for talks. Longtime Scaper PK Patti took some great pictures :

FanFest2014_0147PKGweb FanFest2014_0220PKGweb FanFest2014_0364PKGweb FanFest2014_0358PKGweb FanFest2014_0607PKGweb


I don’t do a lot of con reports as others are usually more eloquent but sometimes I feel the need to comment. I have been seeing Ben onstage since 2000. I am not a starry-eyed fan as I grew up with friends,neighbors and schoolmates involved in the entertainment industry. I go to a variety of con panels for different shows. That said Ben continues to defy my expectations. After his panel he mentioned to a group of us that he feels like he has repeated some of the stories too many times. For many people this is their first time seeing him and hearing a story in person yet for those of us who have heard the story before it is usually told just enough different it is still fresh. To me that is a sign of a good performer. His enthusiasm for Farscape has not diminished and rings true as he answers questions. The way he handles the “taking over/replacing RDA” on SG1 is always great to experience as he allow the audience to know he hates the question all the while charming the fan asking with his answer. As a mom I would have hated to face a child with this ability! As for the Farscape movie there is currently no funding attached. I am uploading video to youtube but there are some great versions up so check them out!

4 Comments on “16 December”

  1. 1 Rita Lewis said at 8:56 pm on December 16th, 2014:

    Angie, I totally agree with you that Ben has the ability to communicate and charm. That’s his charistma at work. It is what always impresses me hearing him speak.

    What he impressed me with when I watched the presentation on Youtube is his intelligence and how well read he really is. He used a theme of words and communication to guide his presentation and questioners. He was in control the whole time. Yet, he was funny, humble, truthful, and even when he repeated stories I’ve heard many times, they were different which was interesting to hear.

    I’ve met Ben quite a few times now and he is genuine. The consummate professional yet I can see he loves his fans.

    Thanks for your review. I’m always interested to hear what you think. Thanks for the photos, too. He looks great.

    Let’s hope he continues to prosper in directing and acting and continues to enjoy appearing at cons and answering the same questions different ways. It’s an art.

  2. 2 Laura said at 9:23 pm on December 16th, 2014:

    Great pics, Angie, thanks for posting them!

    I agree with both you and Rita, the man is so charming and well spoken and enthusiastic with his fans that it really doesn’t matter if some of the questions are asked and answered over and over. It is always a pleasure to listen to him!

  3. 3 paul said at 10:26 pm on December 16th, 2014:

    although i have only met Ben the once, he is, as Rita has said, genuine and an all round decent & humble person.
    I hope to hear these stories told more often if i ever get the chance to meet Ben again.
    Thank you Angie for the awesome pics and updates, it’s always a pleasure to read.

  4. 4 Patti said at 5:45 pm on December 17th, 2014:

    It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to see Ben. The panel was fun, especially when he deliberately ran over on time. “Who’s up next? Well, they can wait.” LOL With 1/2 an hour scheduled between panels, it was easy for him to run long and not put anyone out. I was just glad the moderator was okay with that. 😉

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