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16 January

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I am not much on reviews but I am going to attempt one of Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, the film Ben directed and reprises his role as janitor Max. Teen slash movies are not a favorite of mine (even when I was the target audience!). Ben had told me this would be different and have a bit more humor in it.  When you are a fan of someone you worry What if this is crap? each time a new venture is embarked on! The film is based on a graphic novel and there are some clever shots where a comic shot or panel is inserted and blends into the live action.  I enjoyed this  much more than I expected! The kids as Ben has said in interviews did a great job and the adults, especially Sean Astin, gave the movie some good moments. Ben fans get a treat with a brief ultra creepy scene that features Max , that was disturbing yet….”hot”. The pacing ( I have no idea the real term!) kept the story moving . Often when you watch something you are not that keen on it will drag. I experienced none of that feeling. Another thing I enjoyed was the music.  The original music was quite good for a small budget film, not relying on just a few “hip” sounding songs thrown in.


The film is available for rent or purchase on Amazon and iTunes as well as dvd.



One Comment on “16 January”

  1. 1 mayanscaper said at 6:43 pm on January 16th, 2017:

    Angie, I totally agree with you on all your comments about the movie. I really didn’t like the first one because it was way too gory (except for Ben’s weird role as Max which he said at a con shortly after was like playing Boo Ridley from To Kill A Mocking Bird).

    I worked a little on the social media marketing of the sequel and had seen a rough cut of Ben’s directorial debut so I knew what was going to happen but was still quite delighted at the neat comic book effects that covered the deaths and added some weird humor along with the music choices. And yeah, Max’s reveal was wonderfully creepy in a HOT way. LOL. There’s also a mystery at the end which points to a third movie — which I hope he gets to direct and reprise Max again.

    I’m enjoying Ben’s interviews along with Ali Astin’s and other actors who describe how the movie was directed. I’m impressed that one of Ali’s songs is in the credits.

    And, it’s really exciting to see SpriteLady’s name in the credits for her extensive work on branding the film.

    I’m wondering who added the silly credits at the end — whether that was Ben or Momentum. But they’re fun.

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