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16 September

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I hope everyone has got a chance to see A Town Called Mercy,the episode of Dr. Who featuring Ben. I am not big on reviews preferring to leave them to those who have a better way with words. The Dr. Who of my childhood was rather scary, seen on a black and white TV on UHF channels that were dodgy at best. My Dad and I would watch them on random Saturday afternoons. I rediscovered the Doctor with Christopher Eccleston, the ninth doctor. I loved the edginess he brought as the franchise found a new generation of fans. I love that none of the actors try to copy the one before them — instead they make the character their own including Matt Smith as Ben described in London. The writing seems to get better with each season, layered stories that make me nostalgic for Farscape and the early seasons of The X – Files. All that said I wanted Ben to have a juicy role on this much anticipated appearance. I am satisified. Tony Whithouse crafted all the roles well , making them more than 2D props for the Doctor and the Ponds. Ben fans got to see wry humor, serious and a death scene than brought emotion to the surface not eye-rolls. Whovians will lecture but I would love to see a future series with a female doctor(Claudia Black or Amanda Tapping perhaps?) and a male companion (Ben).


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