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17 February

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This week’s look back is at the first Farscape convention, August 2000 in Burbank, CA. I had been to a couple of general scifi and X Files conventions but was unprepared for the cast and producers of this show. Their enthusiasm and pride in the show was amazing and came across as genuine (still does !). At the time many of the actors at cons acted embarrassed to be there. I think many of them have learned to enjoy it or at least fake it. This has never been the case with the Farscape cast especially Ben. I am not just being biased — a friend who I have never completely scaped left that first con upset. She later confessed that she wished X Files’  David Duchovny could act like Ben instead of mocking the fans and the show. Being somewhat cynical I assumed this would change and honestly that is in the back of my mind each con I attend which features Ben as a guest.

One Comment on “17 February”

  1. 1 Domino said at 6:23 am on February 18th, 2014:

    I loved this tidbit article and memories. I had never wanted to attend a con, as I had met an actor once and it was NOT a pleasant experience. It ruined watching that show he was in and I didn’t want to risk that with Farscape. It took a few people to convince me that Ben and the rest of the cast/crew were different. Everyone to do with Farscape (including the fans) made it WONDERFUL.

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