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17 November

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Still time to donate for Ben’s Birthday Fundraiser!  One auction going on ( 29 hours left!) — there is $230 waiting to be transferred to the cause account from the previous auctions as well as $50 more in donations people have sent to me via Paypal. The last auction will be a special signed Gillian Anderson poster . Thanksgiving is coming up make a donation for a family member or friend ! Many of you are like me and your fandom friends are often amazing people you would have never met if it weren’t for Farscape or some other interest. I think many of our real life friends have no idea how much fandoms do for charity. For me the Farscape fandom was my second fandom but since I first visited the Dom board almost 13 years ago I have never drifted from my Farscape circle —amazing group of people! To me Ben sets the tone of the base—funny,sincere and just good people as we say in the South!

Ben will be appearing in the Syfy Channel’s 20th Anniversary special airing on 10 December.

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