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18 July

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Just a thanks for looking at the Polaris 25 Con video! I apologize for the shakiness. Eventually I will get better :p I always enjoy listening to people’s reactions the first time they attend a Ben panel. After the initial comments of hot,funny etc. are the “he is really proud of Farscape” ones. I first saw him at the first Farscape Con in August 2000. He wore slacks and a sport coat. Pretty restrictive for his speaking style! It is great when someone instrumental  in a project that has given you alot of enjoyment(and for many of us alot of friends) is truly proud of it. I also like that he remains honest about all his work. He doesn’t suck up to SG1 fans—doesn’t trash anyone or anything to do with SG1—but is honest that it wasn’t/isn’t Farscape.

One Comment on “18 July”

  1. 1 Rita Lewis said at 1:12 am on July 26th, 2011:

    Angie, I think that is what makes Ben such a favorite of fans. He is fun but totally honest. I agree with you that he has a way of charmingly explaining his views which might differ from what someone expects, ala his answer to the person insisting over an over that Ben respond “correctly” to the question of “Stargate or Farscape: which is your favorite?”.

    Loved his constant referral to his role as Ollie on Murder She Wrote. He is just a pro at deflection and humility. He is much better with props, too. : )

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