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18 March

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I know it is early yet but I am thinking of the birthday fundraiser already. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has added a new tool that allows donations of $1 or more instead of the previous minimum and I believe it also takes Paypal. We have raised alot with them as the charity.  I wanted to find a group that works with the military/vetrans suicide issue that Freeze Frame deals with and that Ben mentioned in his interview with the Ben Browder Portal. I reached out to Jonas McCord , the producer of Freeze Frame, and he suggested Gold Star Mothers. It wasn’t what I am looking for though looks to be a good group. TAPS and Wounded Warrior are highly rated and deal with the issue as part of larger programs. I am looking for a national program and if anyone has suggestions please post them or email me. I will likely stick with BCRF unless a good choice preferably with a high rating on Charity Navigator is found. There will be more auctions this year—already have heard of a very unique item being created by Crash at terrafirmascapers!  Scapers I think that is a challenge  🙂

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  1. 1 Rita Lewis said at 6:40 pm on March 18th, 2013:

    Jonas meant Blue Star Mothers. 🙂

    Try the Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans http://coalitionforveterans.org/ciav/home/ because they have quite a few members who deal with suicide issues.

    If you go on the Freezeframe4vets.org site there is a Resources section with links to different non-profits who help vets with PTSD.

    The other group that Ben mentioned in his blog is the Philoctedes Project who uses theater to work with PTSD people. I really love this group. They’ve been highly successfull. http://www.philoctetesproject.org/

    There is also the Real Warriors Campaign http://www.realwarriors.net/

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