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19 April

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Today was the Adelaide trio panel featuring Ben, Michael Shanks and Cliff Simon. All three of these guys do their best to give fans a good experience which means non-stop talking from Friday night, all day Saturday until 10 pm after the theme dinner and all day Sunday. I can’t imagine doing it yet they still gave us a good panel Sunday afternoon. Here are a few photos with more to come. Keep in mind a 5 minute rule for taking photos and if you share just link please 🙂


4 Comments on “19 April”

  1. 1 Rita Lewis said at 2:47 pm on April 19th, 2015:

    I really appreciate your reports and photos, Angie. Thank you so much for posting.

    I can’t imagine how hard these guys work, either. True performers.

  2. 2 Patricia Vanover said at 3:29 pm on April 19th, 2015:

    Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us. It is a real pleasure to “catch up” on what they are doing now and enjoying their history on the shows.

  3. 3 Eva Porter said at 4:07 pm on April 19th, 2015:

    I echo what Rita and Patricia said–thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. 4 Jenny Barnes said at 9:24 am on April 22nd, 2015:

    More photos at the website link from Adelaide Oz CC

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