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21 January

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Ben Browder’s role on Chuck was smaller than his fans would have liked BUT we got our favorite actor on screen! Other pluses: Josh Scwartz and Chris Fedak(producers) are good guys to know. Chuck is cancelled but is a critical favorite somewhat so there will be press mentions such as this one from the Boston Herald .  Ben has often spoken about the fickleness of the industry and nothing is certain until you actually see it(and the escrow check clears!). He has a couple of exciting projects “in the works” that we know of—Freeze Frame 4 Vets and Naught For Hire.  Until then, having Ben working on a show produced by someone with a current successful scorecard like Josh Schwartz is hopefully a platform to show other producers and finance people who he is now. Chuck features three other over 40 actors—- Ben showed nicely next to them. Is the superficial? Yes. Is the industry superficial? Yes.  Many Ben fans are criticizing the script and waste of  their favorite. It is important to see this appearance for what it is. Being a Chuck fan as well I loved it! Leave comments at NBC, chucktv.net and any other sites discussing the ep!

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