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25 November

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More reflections on the end of an era.  I was discussing  this last con with a friend — telling her how utterly exhausted Ben appeared at the end of the day. Alot of genre actors get the con experience—-if done right it is a win-win event. Actors get surrouded by those that appreciate their work (wouldn’t we all love an ovation when we do something well?!) as well as compensation which is a factor in a profession where 5% or less are working at any given time. We the fans get to express our appreciation and maybe get something extra like behind the scenes stories. Ben has always gone beyond just being charming. Over 12 years he has become part of the Farscape family. He has embraced this and given his time and of himself.  Selling a show or character is one thing  but the eye to eye conversations with fans have to be hard—-so many faces and stories and he keeps them straight!  One of the things that first struck me about Ben (and the other Farscape actors )  was the way the weighed each question about an episode or scene before answering. Sure sometime a funny answer is tossed back but then they return to the question.  All interpersonal interaction takes something from us physically and mentally but to give alot of people a special time in a matter of a few moments …..I can’t even imagine!  At the breakfast last Sunday Ben engaged  in a pulse pistol fight with a young fan, sat with newbies and made their con experience, then went on stage teary-eyed and discussed the changes that have affected his family over the last twelve years, did a brief interview for an upcoming documentary where he discussed among other things the loss of a member of the Scaper family, did a meet and greet with some fans, did photo ops , and finally autographs. These are the things I know about! I was tired and I was just talking with friends and listening to Ben, Rockne, and Ricky! I was moved when I was at the autograph table with a friend and Ben looked up with exhausted, unfocused eyes.  After twelve years he hasn’t become bored or jaded with the Farscape fandom—which I would have argued as impossible in 2000. Afterall he is a great actor I would have said but some things can’t be faked especially under the intense scrutiny  we were giving!

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  1. 1 Persia said at 2:33 pm on December 1st, 2011:

    It did seem to be an emotional con for him and he certainly looked exhausted by the end of it.
    He gives us everything when he’s there and as a newbie I appreciate his enthusiasm for fans even this far our from the show. Too bad we wear him out so much 😉

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