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26 March

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Ben was unable to appear at Wonder Con yesterday where he was scheduled to participate in a panel promoting Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, as he is starting a new film project. I did get a chance to speak to executive producer/writer Bazz Wernick who said the official premiere date is being decided. The film will differ from the first and according to both Wernick and director Ben, should appeal to a bit broader audience. When you are a fan of an actor sometimes their choices disappoint you other times surprise you. Ben’s enthusiasm for his directing debut makes me very interested in this film even if it wouldn’t normally be something I would seek out. Do tell your younger , modern horror genre friends to keep an eye out for it! If you only want to see John Crichton fine but as I have lamented before don’t bash projects because they aren’t Farscape because nothing will be Farscape!!

The recent X Files revival has made me ponder whether I would want to see more Farscape. Part of me doesn’t want the uniqueness messed with and part of me screams Hell Yea!  I loved John and John/Aeryn. I am uninterested in a film about the child now a teen lost or in trouble. A film with a more settled John and Aeryn reuniting with their friends to search for the kid would be acceptable to me 😉  I do look forward to seeing Ben pursue other roles with wider exposure so everyone will get a chance to appreciate his talent!

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7 Comments on “26 March”

  1. 1 Rita said at 2:51 am on March 27th, 2016:

    Angie, I couldn’t agree with you more. It is so exciting to see Ben spread his acting wings and directing wings and have so much fun in different roles. I have heard he loved directing.

    I’ve seen a cut of Bad Kids 2 and it rocks. Yes, it is different than John Crichton and yes it isn’t something I would seek out — but it is so good. He put his heart in it.

    Outlaws and Angels looks fascinating and his character so different from what we’re used to. That’s really exciting.

    And yes, I’m really not interested in a grown son of John and Aeryn out in space. I want to see a settled John and Aeryn living in Space. That’s why I want Farscape to remain as it was.

  2. 2 AnnaB said at 3:57 am on March 27th, 2016:

    So Ben cancelled a scheduled panel appearance where he was to talk about a film that doesn’t have an official release date because he is “starting” a new film project? Okay, well that doesn’t speak well of that film.

  3. 3 ath389 said at 11:07 am on March 27th, 2016:

    Not sure why you would say that? Con appearances always have the disclaimer that nothing is final and they aren’t part of any official studio publicity? He missed the Stargate con last August to film Outlaws and Angels. At any given time less than 5% of American actors are working and often the work is not in the Los Angeles area (this job is in Vancouver).

  4. 4 Rita said at 2:49 pm on March 27th, 2016:

    I agree with ath389. Don’t judge a film by the absence of its director. If you’ll notice, Sufe was unable to appear as well. Actors must go where the work is and when the work is. Imagine Ben’s disappointed at missing a chance to talk to fans about his first directorial work. I’m sure he wanted to be there.

  5. 5 AnnaB said at 1:28 pm on March 29th, 2016:

    The movie was supposed to be released last year as filming took place in 2014. Not having a release date (after this long) and not being available for promoting the movie are key indicators. JS…

  6. 6 ath389 said at 1:59 pm on March 29th, 2016:

    The director and actors have little say in the case in how the film is sold/distributed. The final editing took place in the first part of 2015. The producers and main stars(kids) are out there doing the promoting. The “kids” are the focus of the film not the adults and the target age group is young.

  7. 7 Rita said at 5:57 pm on March 29th, 2016:

    AnnaB, as Ath389 said, the movie is composed of teenagers with Sean Astin, Sufe and Ben along with the parents of the main teens plus some SWAT guys. It’s the teens who are the center of the picture plus Ben’s character of Max Rainwater who is a mystery wrapped in a conundrum.

    The distributors asked for new edits and when your boss asks, you edit. So, Ben has been busy for the past several months editing the picture with Bazz Wernick and James Hallam along with the music guys to make sure focus groups and such like the resulting movie.

    It is slated for real to be released this summer. It was never going to be released until this spring so it isn’t that off schedule.

    Again, as ath389 stated so well, James Hallam’s marketing acumen is excellent and the promotion is through the kids because they’re the demographic. Believe me, Ben is still heavily involved in the movie but in the background not in the marketing.

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