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27 November

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The auctions have finished for 2013 yielding $1405.15  !!!  The overall total is $2196!!! Americans as you give thanks tomorrow make a donation in rememberance of someone, in thanks for a survivor, or in the hope for someone just diagnosed not just with breast cancer but any disease being fought. Discoveries are made continually and are shared to benefit us all!

The actor who portray’s Ben’s son in the upcoming Syfy film Dead Still posted a picture on Twitter with Ben. Another guy Joe Mex also posted this picture. The young boy posted on Facebook a quote from producer/composer Christopher Saint Booth : “Dead Still team: We have officially blown away the network with all our hard work on Dead Still. You guys rocked it as I Quote from the Network..This is the best production we have ever seen…. ”  

UPDATE—————– The Crichton Doll has arrived at his new home and winner Michelle is sharing :

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