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29 December

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A bit of an editorial today. People clamor for their favorite celebrities to be active on social media. Most actually only want very innocuous interaction confirming that the individual had a blast filming ____, the cast were like family and there were lots of pranks. That is fun and very real for some actors. Some add real comments that likely underscore the truth but still ring true about the experience. Some shout loud for causes dear to them. Some , especially those veterans of conventions have over time become open and honest in their real opinions on world events, sports and more. The cast of Star Trek : The Next Generation is most notable for this. In general it does not bother me— if I follow someone unless hate surface , and I mean hate for people that goes beyond hating man buns, latte drinkers and so on, I stick with them. Social media offers YOU the choice to follow or not, to scroll on by or even block so use your power to show your opinion of their posts. The world is not yet the world of Black Mirror’s Nose Dive but you can use the Like button or not. It is a bit arrogant and surreal when people think they should be giving career advice to a stranger they follow but that is the world we live in. Freedom of speech is very complicated!

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