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29 March

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I am hoping to continue relating some moments from the past for those who are new. It is important to remember that though there was a robust online community it was nothing like what exists today. AIM and mIRC were the real time social media. Many people found out about the first Farscape convention  because it was advertised at the end of the episodes leading up to the convention. I subscribed to Creation’s email list which I had signed up for years earlier for Star Trek and X Files. I admit to being jaded as I have said before and was a bit stunned at Ben’s enthusiasm on stage. I decided even if it was faked I was impressed!  The SciFi Channel message board or “The Dom” (for Dominion) was the main place to discuss Farscape. They had an mIRC chat room and on Fridays might have 200 or more people when a new episode aired.  The actors had locked handles so if they were there you knew it was actually them. The channel hosted official chats with actors, writers, directors, and producers. All involved were pretty savvy so it was a very natural flowing chat, not stilted or heavily moderated like many were at the time. David Kemper in particular would question the questions and the fans. Ben was like he is when you see him at a con — very good on the details of episodes and answering the questions fully and honestly. Ben’s handle was “Black_Tee”.  Magazines like SciFi, Starlog, Dreamwatch and Cinefantastique were the go to “official” sites for interviews with Ben. Now there are so many sites and blogs providing interviews it is amazing! I started this site in fall of 2000 because there were Farscape sites and BritAngie’s site for Ben and that was it. Today there are pages on Livejournal, a Tublr full of creative Ben Browder GIFs, conversations on Twitter from around the world. Below is one of the first appearances of Ben on a cover —- the Sydney Herald TV Magazine.

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  1. 1 Rita Lewis said at 4:37 pm on March 29th, 2015:

    Angie, I’m glad that the Ben Browder dot net is still going strong because so many of those wonderful websites for Farscape are dark now. The Dom is gone and the BBC forum is gone as well as other British forums. Frell Me Dead is gone. When Yahoo! took down Geocities, most of the fanfiction and Farscape sites died although some of the stories were saved by wonderfully generous Scapers. But now I discovered that ErpScaper.com is down.

    The Farscape Magazine, a wonderful outlet for information and stories is no longer published. Starlog is no longer published except online and many other science fiction/fantasy magazines are dead.

    So, thank you for continuing your blogging. Anyone who wants a taste of Ben and Claudia’s online personnas during chats should check out http://www.johnaeryn.com/articles/2004/July/chat.ben.claud.html

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