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3 May

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This is just an opinion piece. No new Ben news so feel free to move on 🙂

I have LOVED two shows this century. The first, Farscape, came as no surprise to me as I was a life long scifi fan. The second, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, blindsided me with the intensity of my reaction to it. I am no kid, I have experienced life. The two shows share a common denominator in that except for Ben Browder,  they are all Australian casts. My two favorite actors are Ben Browder and Claudia Black who I have seen play scenes that still bring me to tears after 15 years and I have seen them bring to life more standard 2D characters on other shows. I spent most of my life in southern California where as I have posted before I had friends who had parents in The Industry as it is referred to. Then I had friends and neighbors who were as I became an adult. It gives one perhaps a different perspective, more grounded in the reality of the business side. If you admire an actor such as Ben, Claudia Black, Essie Davis or Nathan Page and are angry they are not working more,  it is important to remember that they are in a profession where only 5% are working at any given time. Just like any of our professions the “stars” aren’t always who we would choose. What I hate to see is fans judging actors for their choices professional or personal in public forums and on social media. The arrogance that fans know better than an actor how to choose roles is ludicrous. Would any of you trust a stranger to pick your next job? These are grown professionals with decades of experience in their chosen career. Some actors make a choice for personal reasons. Richard Dean Anderson did not want to miss his daughter growing up. Essie Davis has admitted hating to miss trying for roles but her commitment with her husband that they will keep the family together while their daughters are growing up. Both these actors are criticized by their fans for making a hard choice.  I am not privvy to opportunities any of these actors have declined but I respect their choices despite the fact I want to see them every week on my TV !! Is it okay to be upset? To quote John Crichton “Can I get a Hell Yeah?”. I would caution my fellow fans to adjust their fan glasses before judging your favorites or assuming you could help their career by doing anything more than supporting their projects. Unless you are a director or producer then meddle!!! 

One Comment on “3 May”

  1. 1 Kate said at 7:33 pm on May 24th, 2016:

    Farscape and Angel were my favorite 2000’s series. I discovered Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries from Amazon, and have all 3 seasons now! While my devotion to MFMM isn’t the consuming passion I had for Farscape, I do enjoy it.
    I wish Ben Browder would work more in mainstream television, because then I could see him week to week. I know he crops up on genre shows and in movie roles, things I don’t watch. But I always have Farscape and Peacekeeper Wars!

    I too am not interested in a Farscape spin-off without John and Aeyrn. They’re the heart of Farscape to me, not their son. I’d love to see continuing journeys, but doubt that’s in the cards after all these years.

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