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30 June

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The birthday fundraiser will be back this year with a start date of October 1. At this time the charity is Alex’s Lemonade Stand which raises funds for pediatric cancer research. We have raised money for them before and whenever I ask him he says “I trust you”. My reasons for choosing it are great cause,ease of donation, and more of your money goes to the charity (many of the third party sites take 3% which is fine but we are a small fund raiser so every dollar counts !).  There will be several auctions and Ben told me he has something special to contribute for the auction. If you would like to contribute an item  or have your own auction and donate the proceeds please do and let me know so  I can spread the word !

Check the In Person page to see where you can see Ben yourself ! I have not confirmed yet he will be at Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles in October but soCal fans may want to keep that weekend (October 30-November 1) open !

I added this to the YouTube channel as well as it being available on the Clips page :
















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