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4 February

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Exciting news about the premiere of Bad Kids Go To Hell , the upcoming film in which Ben has a small but important role. BKGtH is a example of  the studio using social media in the right way. They launched the sites just before filming started so there was a product in place. I was unaware of this graphic novel but it seems they built on the book site successfully with the film. Hustled it at San Diego Comic Con and some other conventions.  The numbers I can see on Facebook and other sites seem to be growing. The producers have made good use of youtube. Big studios need to take note.

Also a nice Farscape retrospective here.

CORRECTION OF SORTS : According to director Matt Spradlin  the event in the above link is not a traditional premiere –it is a showing of the completed project to the cast and crew. So I assume this means it is not a press event so we won’t be seeing coverage or reviews.


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