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8 August

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Let us flashback to early September 2002. Farscape was wrapping filming on season 4. We were all relaxed having received an unprecedented at the time 2 season renewal. My daughters were at the Friday night movies/sleepover stage so it was hectic after I got off work. I finally sat down (during soccer practice went home as cel phones weren’t as smart!) and checked my emails. I was stunned by 2 from Ben telling me to get as many fans as I could to the Dom chat that night. There was no social media. The actors and producers got hold of as many webmasters as they could to gather a crowd. Later after my Mom duties over I went to chat. I had called an industry friend who was a Scaper and she checked around. By then I had received a reply from Ben that yea it was bad news. Chat started with hundreds of people (it was always big on Fridays but as no episode on that night this was a bigger crowd than usual. The announcement made. I found an old transcript here . I had heard via my friend that there were issues and not all had to do with money are rating but both of those could be used as justification. Fans were galvanized. It was amazing because of technology we could make our reaction be known much faster than the Star Trek fans of the 1960s. Many lurkers suddenly stepped up and had ideas and were speaking out. I get that time has passed and priorities change and the world is a mess. For me life is less complicated personally. However we had had an election here in the US that was controversial and had a president many of us felt wanted war in Iraq based on his campaign talk and that would come to pass by the time Peacekeeper Wars aired. Unrest for many of no matter where we lived but we found time and heart to fight for this trivial thing we cared about. I see post after post saying people want the show back. It usually makes the lists of shows fans want revived in some form. People say they would give money to a Kickstarter campaign. This is going to sound pissy but I am skeptical. I know people don’t want to Tweet or tag an instagram photo for various reasons but I have a hard time believing they would log in and donate money. Ok what can you do if you want to avoid social media? Google HBO,Amazon,Netflix and Hulu and get a physical address and send a letter. Just put a hashtag #farscapenow. Fax if you prefer old school. Feel free to be a Debbie Downer as well. If the show comes back we won’t taunt you with “I told you” 🙂

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  1. 1 Paula said at 5:57 pm on August 8th, 2017:

    If there was a campaign set up, I would simply donate part of my paycheck every 2 weeks. Yes, it is that important to me.

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