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9 November

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Ben started filming Dead Still this past week. As those of us who are long-time fans know he prefers not to talk much about the project until it is complete. When he mentioned it at Armageddon in Auckland the four of us sitting there were a bit stunned. Some other details are out but I am adopting Ben’s wait and see stance 🙂 In other words more later!

The charity auctions are doing well and we just passed $1000 mark. Last year’s total was $5100 so this is not an unreasonable goal. So donate your latte or beer money for a week! The fundraiser officially ends at midnight on December 11,2013. If you donated via Paypal and don’t see it on the scroll please contact me. You can also Paypal me and I will put it in via credit card with your name. The last three auctions are big ones! Monday will be Ben’s costume from Bad Kids Go to Hell (pants,undershirt,work shirt) donated by dizzy and a signed card.


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