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29 May

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I know it is early but I am working on choosing a charity for the birthday fundraiser. Ben Browder fans have raised over $12,000 in the last years.  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a great group and they have now added an option with no minimum and Paypal. I have been trying to find a national veterans suicide prevention/help charity.  The VA Crisis center is helping me now find one that meets our needs. Many groups are local and most not set-up for what we have done in the past — they are focused on individual donations.  Most of the regular donors I know well and then there are surprises which I love (as does whatever charity!).  As has been the tradition the last few years the drive will start on September 1 and run until midnight on Ben’s birthday. If anyone has ideas please contact me or post a comment! Many of you have had your first Ben in person experience this year at Starfest and Fedcon or will at Armageddon or Creation’s SG con —- remember to celebrate and support a good cause (whatever it ends up!).