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15 September

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A reminder about this year’s fundraiser which will start October 1. The charity is Alex’s Lemonade Stand which supports pediatric cancer research. It has been some years since we have raised funds for them.  They have a 96% rating with Charity Navigator . The page will also allow you to use PayPal and accepts any amount of donation.  There will be several auctions including a special item created by Sprite Lady and signed by Ben.

Bad Kids Go will likely be released in 2016 — details to follow!

As most of you know Ben’s mystery film project is Outlaws and Angels which stars Chad Michael Murray, Luke Wilson, and Francesca Eastwood. It is written and directed by JT Mollner and was filmed on location in New Mexico. As soon as a release date is announced I will pass it on. This Instagram photo was posted by NewMexGiant the prop master for the film.

Myself & #benbrowder on set of #OutlawsAndAngels #Crew #PropMaster

30 June

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The birthday fundraiser will be back this year with a start date of October 1. At this time the charity is Alex’s Lemonade Stand which raises funds for pediatric cancer research. We have raised money for them before and whenever I ask him he says “I trust you”. My reasons for choosing it are great cause,ease of donation, and more of your money goes to the charity (many of the third party sites take 3% which is fine but we are a small fund raiser so every dollar counts !).  There will be several auctions and Ben told me he has something special to contribute for the auction. If you would like to contribute an item  or have your own auction and donate the proceeds please do and let me know so  I can spread the word !

Check the In Person page to see where you can see Ben yourself ! I have not confirmed yet he will be at Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles in October but soCal fans may want to keep that weekend (October 30-November 1) open !

I added this to the YouTube channel as well as it being available on the Clips page :
















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12 June

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Next week we should know the other project Ben has been busy with and excited about. We already know he has been finishing the post work on Bad Kids Go 2 Hell. The other project should become public at E3 which starts 16 June in Los Angeles.  I tend to think it is Call to Duty : Black ops 3 because of the technology involved and the image I found online but all conjecture at this point. I know many of us non-gamers would prefer him on a series (cough Containment cough) or a feature film. It is important to remember the opportunities these games now offer actors. Top directors such as Ridley Scott, who is directing Halo 5 which features Nathan Fillion’s voice, are often involved. These directors are often involved in casting decisions on their projects so it is a great opportunity for an actor to make connections. I am sticking with this as my guess !


12 April

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I attended Perth Comic Con this weekend. Ben was one of the guests and was in good form Saturday. Sunday featured a n SG1 panel with Ben, Michael Shanks and Cliff Simon. Lots of stories including the discussion of how Daniel could have refused Vala in the red underwear resulted in laughter from the stage and the audience both! Apparently Ben went to the writers ad volunteered Mitchell for the mission! Both men lost their train of thought and said at the same time “What was the question?”. Filming was not allowed and photos of any kind only allowed the first 5 minutes. (at an earlier panel this caused Billy Boyd to question whether that applied to ALL of Australia!) However a dvd will be mailed out so I wll share then. Here are a few pictures thanks to Laura O



26 March

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I will be having the birthday fundraiser this year after a hiatus last year due to personal issues. There will be several auctions again of signed photos/items as these seem to be the most popular. The charity will be Alex’s Lemonade Stand . We have raised money for this charity before and it has maintained it’s high rating. The donation system is much more user friendly than many other charities and does allow Paypal which will allow auction winners to pay the charity directly as well as many fans who prefer Paypal. The page will open on 1 October and run until midnight 11 December. Ben fans have contributed almost $10,000 over the last few years to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Fisher House. So save some money for a good cause!

9 March —–

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New Six Degrees. Images updated. Combined my two interviews for easy reading.

I am going to Australia in April and will be attending the two Oz Comic Cons that feature Ben as a guest. I will video the talks and may try and tweet as well. I am looking forward to hearing if there is anything exciting for us to be watching for! I continue to be amazed at all the new Farscape fans! Many are Ben fans as well which I love seeing them posting on social media. So if you are a new fan check out the Print page which features early interviews. There are other Ben sites which feature an abundance of screencaps marvelously done so you won’t find those here. Pictures are for all but I would appreciate it if you share it somewhere give credit 🙂 Small Pinterest board if you need a break from recipes and DIY ! 

29 September

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October 6 viewers in the U.S. will get to see Ben in their living rooms! Syfy channel at 9 P.M. ET. In case you haven’t seen the behind the scenes videos, here is a link. Part three features alot of Ben.

I have had the chance to ask Ben about directing Bad Kids Go 2 Hell and he LOVED IT.  Moviehole did a good interview — some really good questions so check it out if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget to check out the Six Degrees of Ben Browder page — this week celebrating the premiere of Once Upon A Time.