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12 March

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Ben will be appearing at Wonder Con in Los Angeles on March 25th and there are tickets still available! He will be there to promote Crestview Academy, the sequel to Bad Kids Go to Hell, which he directed and appears in. In the photo below (Perth 2015 thanks vinegardog!) he is sporting his hat with the original title, Bad Kids Go 2 Hell, that he wore while directing.benperth15

16 August

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No news on Ben’s project at this point . I am at the SG Con in Chicago where Ben fans abound despite him being unable to attend. Did pick up a bit of news at the Novel writer’s Breakfast yesterday. A new podcast series will be launching this fall and Ben is one of the first interviews. You can sign up now at dialhomepodcast.com to receive notification of when they are live.

16 December

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I had a great weekend in Phoenix at the first Fan Fest. It was small but often that is nice. Many vendors and one room for talks. Longtime Scaper PK Patti took some great pictures :

FanFest2014_0147PKGweb FanFest2014_0220PKGweb FanFest2014_0364PKGweb FanFest2014_0358PKGweb FanFest2014_0607PKGweb


I don’t do a lot of con reports as others are usually more eloquent but sometimes I feel the need to comment. I have been seeing Ben onstage since 2000. I am not a starry-eyed fan as I grew up with friends,neighbors and schoolmates involved in the entertainment industry. I go to a variety of con panels for different shows. That said Ben continues to defy my expectations. After his panel he mentioned to a group of us that he feels like he has repeated some of the stories too many times. For many people this is their first time seeing him and hearing a story in person yet for those of us who have heard the story before it is usually told just enough different it is still fresh. To me that is a sign of a good performer. His enthusiasm for Farscape has not diminished and rings true as he answers questions. The way he handles the “taking over/replacing RDA” on SG1 is always great to experience as he allow the audience to know he hates the question all the while charming the fan asking with his answer. As a mom I would have hated to face a child with this ability! As for the Farscape movie there is currently no funding attached. I am uploading video to youtube but there are some great versions up so check them out!

13 November

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UPDATE : TOTAL SO FAR    $1404.66


Ben’s Bad Kids Go to Hell wardrobe auction jumped out with a great start  — several inquiries giving me hope for an exciting finish! Here is a preview  of the next auction starting Saturday (Action John NOT being auctioned but his friend is!). Ben fan Beth who created the doll has a fun page of adventures for the dolls (this is a public link–doesn’t require being on Facebook).


11 November

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Bid !!Click on the picture below to go to the auction. These last 3 items will have higher reserves because of their uniqueness! Thanks again to dizzy for her generosity!!

9 November

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Ben started filming Dead Still this past week. As those of us who are long-time fans know he prefers not to talk much about the project until it is complete. When he mentioned it at Armageddon in Auckland the four of us sitting there were a bit stunned. Some other details are out but I am adopting Ben’s wait and see stance 🙂 In other words more later!

The charity auctions are doing well and we just passed $1000 mark. Last year’s total was $5100 so this is not an unreasonable goal. So donate your latte or beer money for a week! The fundraiser officially ends at midnight on December 11,2013. If you donated via Paypal and don’t see it on the scroll please contact me. You can also Paypal me and I will put it in via credit card with your name. The last three auctions are big ones! Monday will be Ben’s costume from Bad Kids Go to Hell (pants,undershirt,work shirt) donated by dizzy and a signed card.


4 September

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The Birthday Fundraiser has commenced! Click on the header above to get info! There will be random auctions with the big ones commencing in November and will feature a handcrafted Crichton doll, Ben’s costume from Bad Kids Go to Hell(accompanied by a signed card), a digital painting of Ben as John Crichton wearing The Coat,  and several autographed pictures of Ben with co-stars as well as some surprises. The ebay charity function charges fees and takes quite awhile to get to the charity so I will auction as an individual and pay the fees so the entire amount goes to the charity.  Here is the first item  :

21 April

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For those of us not at the Starfest Con in Denver this weekend they have posted some pictures of Ben from his talk yesterday ! 

11 April

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Bad Kids Go to Hell is available on dvd and iTunes so get your copy !

Ben will be appearing in Denver, CO April 19 – 20  and  in Dusseldorf May 9 – 12  so check out the In Person page for links.

15 December

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In Toronto?  Be sure to head out and see Bad Kids Go to Hell !

I started this site in November 2000. Yes it is pretty amateur and I need to reload my pictures. The internet has changed much faster than this site but it  is what it is. I do try to give credit where credit is due by using links to interviews, etc  when I mention them instead of rewording them as though they they were my own. Just had to say that.

I am already making plans for next year’s fundraiser. I love Breast Cancer Research Foundation but the $25 minimum keeps people from being able to donate I think. I am looking at a way to donate to them using another collection method and then presenting the donation from “Fans of Ben Browder” and listing all. Or revisiting Alex’s Lemonade. If anyone has experience with this I would love your input!